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Best and Worst Sushi Choices

How to Eat Healthy at a Sushi Restaurant


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Great article Report
Wow, thanks for the info. Have always been hesitant to order other than tempura! Will definitely have to now! Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Thank you for the information. I love sushi Report
thank you Report
I love sushi! Report
Great article Report
Try it in Japan Report
I've eaten sushi and sashimi for over 20 years. Americans have skewed what the difference is, as they have done also with the idea of Buddhism and more. Our laws for food service in the USA have made hash of several distinctions.

Freshly thawed from frozen, soaked in milk or other solutions, and more have made it tough for someone used to Japanese trained distinctions. Thank you for the article, but it is indeed culturally based (of course). Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Interesting read. i don't do sushi. old dogs, new tricks and all. Report
Thanks for this great information! I love sushi and now I can order with knowledge!! Report
Very helpful Report
Thank you Report
You didn't mention Inari. My dad loves Inari. Report

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