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Best and Worst Sushi Choices

How to Eat Healthy at a Sushi Restaurant


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This article was the BEST explanation and visualization of eating sushi that I have ever seen. Thank you for the research and for writing a very informative article. I do not normally eat sushi, but on occasion have tried it and liked it very much. Now I look forward to having sushi soon. Thanks! Report
I love love love sushi but had no idea it was that high in calaories .. I think I will stick to making my own Report
This fashion" is why the worlds fish supply is dwindling. Report
I make my own vegan style (no fish). The nori sheets alone are fishy tasting enough. Report
i like sushi BUT I think I need to scale back on how often I eat it bearing in mind this article. I didn't know that there was such a thing as tempura rolls YUCK. No where in the article was mentioned the fact that sushi evolved from a means to preserve fish. Report
mmmm, I love sushi, makes me want to go get some now! :) Report
Thanks Stephanie for explaining all the different kinds. I'm still not a huge fan but my friends and kids like them so I usually try one or 2 pieces when out. Report
Really, the ones you say to stay away from are the only ones that taste good, lol!! Report
This is a very informative article and clearly written. Thank you for all the tips that will make eating sushi and even more enjoyable experience. Report
Actually, sashimi, when fresh and from a reputable establishment, is not bad for pregnant women. You would just have to moderate how often you ate it, and like I mentioned, get it from a reputable establishment. Report
Disagree about avoiding the avacado. I just have 1 roll and 2-3 pieces of nigiri. That fills me up enough. I also like a poke bowl. The Ahi poke bowl at Yard house off the snack menu is the perfect size portion for lunch for me AND it has avacado, carrot and dikon in it. Report
Great little article, Stephanie!

I usually stick with sashimi with shedded daikon radish or nigri.
With these two selections you can really appreciate the sublties of taste and texture.

When I eat out I want something I can't prepare at home, something completely different.
Otherwise its cheaper and more nutritious for me to stay in and cook.

Many of the rolls have non traditional ingredients, prolly the worse is cream cheese and mayo, oils that coat the palate and mask the true fresh taste of the ingredients.
To me mayo and cream cheese on sushi is like putting mustard on icecream.
They're all good in their own right, but completely inappropriate together.

: ) Report
It's usually considered disrespectful to the Chef to mix in the Wasabi and Soy and use excessive amounts of Soy anyway, as they have already seasoned the Sushi for you. So if if helps you avoid the temptation, say to yourself "I just don't want to disrespect the Chef." ;) Etiquette for Sushi usually involves dabbing a tiny bit of wasabi on, and if you must use soy, dabbing a tiny bit on the rice side only. So if you have to trick yourself into believing you are being respectful by turning down the condiments...well you just saved yourself the sodium. :) Report
Spicy tuna is spicy on the inside thanks to wasabi. So this is a perfectly lean (and very flavorful) roll to eat if you leave the spicy mayo sauce off -- and I've never had a chef put it on without asking me first. Report
I agree with a lot of your statements, but not all. First and foremost, the sushi made fresh at my grocery, the "skinny rolls" made without rice and wrapped in nori or a rice wrapper, have over 1000mg of sodium. I'll take the rice over the sodium any day. I also totally disagree with your statement about avoiding the avocado if you can. Avocado should always be encouraged, not discouraged. That said, I agree with almost everything else. One other thing I want to mention is that the commercially made & packaged sushi has a fair amount of added chemicals (including maltodextrin, which I am allergic to and is an additive some other folks are avoiding in their diet). The best, freshest sushi is that which is made in front of you. Report

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