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Best and Worst Sushi Choices

How to Eat Healthy at a Sushi Restaurant


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Spicy tuna is spicy on the inside thanks to wasabi. So this is a perfectly lean (and very flavorful) roll to eat if you leave the spicy mayo sauce off -- and I've never had a chef put it on without asking me first. Report
I agree with a lot of your statements, but not all. First and foremost, the sushi made fresh at my grocery, the "skinny rolls" made without rice and wrapped in nori or a rice wrapper, have over 1000mg of sodium. I'll take the rice over the sodium any day. I also totally disagree with your statement about avoiding the avocado if you can. Avocado should always be encouraged, not discouraged. That said, I agree with almost everything else. One other thing I want to mention is that the commercially made & packaged sushi has a fair amount of added chemicals (including maltodextrin, which I am allergic to and is an additive some other folks are avoiding in their diet). The best, freshest sushi is that which is made in front of you. Report
I LOVE SUSHI! It's such a healthy, delicious, versatile, and fresh tasting food... and Sushi does not have to have any fish whatsoever in it. Often, we make sushi at home with only veggies within the roll of nori and rice. I also got a small roll at a restaurant with Japanese pickled plums and shiso leaves called umeshiso maki sushi. extremely delicious! As for making smart choices, I stay away from tempura, no matter how delicious it is, and limit the soy sauce or use a low sodium variety. Report
This article is helpful but a bit alarmist - there is no way that one piece of sashimi is 70 calories. The amount of calories is determined by the fat content of the fish. Therefore for a typical piece of yellowtail tuna sashimi that weighs 1 ounce we are looking at 40 calories according to your own Spark people table. I also don't believe the fish is seasoned by the chef - just the sushi rice. Report
I don't eat sushi often, but I do enjoy it. I was curious about how much fish was in each piece of sushi, so I weighed a few different pieces - each piece was around .6 to .8 ounce. As far as soy sauce is concerned, I use the reduced sodium sauce. Traditionally, very little soy sauce should be on each piece of sushi. The traditional way is to take the sushi/rice piece, turn it FISH side down, and lightly run the fish over the soy sauce, then eat it fish side down. Sushi is not meant to be dunked in the soy sauce.
But this is just the traditional way. Far be it for me to tell people how to eat and enjoy sushi. Report
Sushi isn't equal to raw fish. Raw fish is called sashimi and is not the same as sushi. Sushi indicates foods that use rice seasoned with rice vinegar. This is a common misconception but sushi can in fact have many other ingredients wrapped around the vinegar seasoned rice. Report
Oh dear - SparkPeople are trying to ruin Sushi for me. I love Sushi! And I don't eat it often - so sorry - I am going to have to give this a pass. :-) I got some good points though: no tempura, less soy sauce. Report
I'd consider myself pretty adventurous where food is concerned, but I've never liked sushi. It always tastes so rotten! Bleah... Report
I've talked with the owner if our local Japanese restaurant and she use to supply box stores. She told me that big box store and grocery stores use twice as much rice,, because it's a cheap way to keep the price down. We measured her ingredients for a California roll and she only uses half a cup of rice. Also they would put extra cucumber on my California roll. Report
So, the article does not address inari at all. It is sushi rice is a tofu sack. Sometimes it also has sesame seeds at the opening of the sack. I'm not sure then which list would have it. Report
Wait, so a serving size of nigiri is 4 pieces, but each individual piece is 70 calories? Did I read that right or am I confused? It's depressing to think something the side of my thumb at best is nearly 100 calories a pop when it's supposed to be healthier for you. Report
I "won't notice much of a difference in taste" if I use brown rice instead of sushi rice? That's laughable. I eat a lot of rice - mostly white, some "forbidden" or black rice - and trust me, I would notice a difference if you tried to feed me brown rice. Report

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