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11 Sizzling Summer Calorie Burners

Get Healthy While Having Fun in the Sun


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Those are all fun at between 70-85 degrees. Hotter than that and you risk losing more than a few pounds. Report
Thank you for sharing. Report
Exhausting to just read these suggestions.
My 76th birthday is at the end of this week; SparkPeople has been a source of information and inspiration for me since 2007. Have the demographics of Spark Members changed so drastically in that time, that you no longer feature articles useful to people over 60 yo?
Great article! Report
So much fun to be outdoors! Report
Great info Report
Paddle boarding was incredibly fun - & intense! It was a great workout. Report
I LOVE summer!! Report
Fun in the sun if the sun isn't too hot. Report
GREAT Report
Great suggestions! Report
Great article! Report
Great article! Report
Great exercises Report

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