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11 Sizzling Summer Calorie Burners

Get Healthy While Having Fun in the Sun


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Just like to get out in the nice weather and walk. Report
Just about any outdoor activity will work. Report
Wonderful suggestions. Report
I am blessed to live where these are all pretty much year round activities. I agree with the Boogie/Body board comment, that is a great alternative to stand up surfing. Report
I can't relate with those pictures at all. Report
These all look like fun. Report
thanks Report
We can never get enough of what we don't really need.
- Matthew Kelly Report
Love outdoor activities! Report
I love most of these activities. I'd add Boggie Boarding to the water sports list too. Biking is my all year 'round activity - amazing how many calories you can burn & how much fun you can have even on a short ride. I was also surprised by gardening. No matter what though any kind of moving lifts my spirits and is one of the main reasons step outside. Report
Am not a water person but am everyday working in yard or garden while it is nice. Honestly, I dont really clean house unless there's nothing I can do in shade during unsafe sun hours or it is raining. Report
Can't wait for the sun and lake time for swimming and staying active in the water. Report
We enjoy outdoor activities but even though we are close to water, we don't go to the beaches. Swimming in the Gulf is rather cold. Report

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