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The Cold Never Bothered My Workouts Anyway

10 Ways to Sweat this Winter


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thanks Report
Thanks Report
I enjoy working out in colder weather. Report
I am limited to what I can do in extreme cold. Report
You didn't say how many calories shivering burns. Since I find 70 degrees cold, I do a lot of shivering. Report
Learned something new today. Never heard of Broomball before. I'd rather shovel snow. It serves two purposes. Makes me feel like I accomplished something good for me in two ways. Report
Thanks Report
I love walking, but for me to do it in the winter, it has to be above freezing and no ice. I don't mind light snow, but with the ice I am afraid of falling and not being able to get up. Report
Great info Report
I moved to Las Vegas to get away from the snow and ice. Outdoor activities are not for me. Report
Shoveling snow only activity I do and that is limited depending on how cold it is. Other than that I don't do, can't do, won't do any of the others...sitting inside and looking out is enough for me until warmer weather comes to stay Report
I'm glad we don't have extreme temperatures, but we do have plenty of rain and the only way to cope with it is to embrace it. Report
We don't get a lot of snow lately and when we do, it's not enough to shovel but I agree shoveling snow is quite a workout!! Report
You can keep cold weather! Report
Not fond of cold wether activities. I will go for a walk if it isn't below freezing. Report

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