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Perks of Donating Blood

Good for Your Soul and Your Health?


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My Iron is at the lowest level on blood test charts, so I would not qualify. It has been low for 2 years and recently got stronger Iron pills to slowly increase it. So, maybe in 12 months when I should be healthy. Last year I got my Hepatitus A and B shot. Last month I got tested for HIV and Hepatitus C, all negative. West nile virus I would not have because I do not travel outside of Canada or the U.S.A. Report
Wish that I could donate but not allowed by the Red Cross because I was over seas and they don't allow you to donate if you were over there during certain years and I and my family were Report
Very informative article and helpful Report
I donate every 8 weeks now that I'm retired (prior to this, I donated twice a year). It's an easy way to give back and it takes less than an hour. There's always a need for blood, so, I feel like I'm making a difference when I give. Report
Donating blood is s good way to give back. Report
My father found out that his blood pressure was very high at one trip to give blood. He immediately went to the Dr, and took a week off to get his life back into balance. That trip to give blood DID save his life. Report
I want to donate but as far as I'm aware I can't. Correct me if I'm wrong, but once you've been jaundiced just once you're now disqualified. I had Mono in 2011 which was brushed off by doctors as a "flu-like viral infection" and told to just rest up until it clears up which meant I ended up with jaundice and got to spend a day in the ER. I healed up fine, and according to my current doctors I'm perfectly fine, just chunky. So yeah, if anyone out there can point me in a positive direction here I'd be appreciative! Report
I miss being able to donate, maybe I can in time. Report
Yes, I try to give whenever the bloodmobile comes to town. Sometimes my hemoglobin is too low, but lately I haven't been declined. I don't do it for myself, but it's good to know that it does have health benefits! Report
Sadly, I can no longer donate! Report
Unfortunately, their testing isn't always top-notch and can give false positives which stays as a mark against you. And it's a pain to get it cleared. Report
Very interesting. I didn't know these things. Report
I don't donate regularly or as much as I should, but I do donate. Whenever some department within the University where I work sponsors a blood drive, I try to sign up. I have some issues with my iron levels, so I'm disqualified from giving probably about half of the time...but I like being able to say "At least I tried." Report
I give blood regularly. They know me by name when I walk in and ask about me to my coworkers who go regularly. I am O negative so they are very interested in my showing up. It is for a great cause and I am happy that I can give to help others. I look forward to the snacks afterwards (Planters mixed nuts/fruits and cranberry juice). The only time I eat that stuff is when I give blood. It is great to know of the health benefits for oneself for giving blood as well. Report

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