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Perks of Donating Blood

Good for Your Soul and Your Health?


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I donate plasma nearly every week except when they advise that I should take a break (apparently you can only donate 24 times each half year. Often these breaks are satisfied when I go on vacation. Report
I gave blood every 56 days, which is the Canada's guide line for giving blood. When I was diagnosed with MS I was told that I could no longer give blood as I could suffer repercussions for my health, so I had to stop in 2004. Report
I donate every 8 weeks. Getting ready to go donate this afternoon as a matter of fact. I also volunteer at local blood drives checking donors in for their appointment. One tip that I hear repeatedly for increasing your iron levels is to cook in a cast iron skillet. Some of the iron from that type of pan gets absorbed into the food that is being cooked. Report
In our area, Blood Assurance is the collection agency instead of the American Red Cross. I donated just this past Friday, and over the past few years have donated several gallons. My Mom contracted a blood borne disease during the early 1980s due to a transfusion necessary after an overdose of radiation during greatment for cancer. There is always a critical need for healthy blood, and this is one way I honor her memory. And by doing so do my small part to ensure fewer people are exposed to tainted blood. A needle prick is fleeting and the entire process can take less than an hour. If you are healthy and can donate, you can rest assured that each pint of whole blood can help 3 people in need. Report
I hate needles nonetheless I used to donate every 60 days or so. However, I spent too much time in England for work and thus I'm no longer eligible due to concerns about potential exposure to mad cow disease. It's been a couple of years since I've checked to see if the rules have changed. I'll add that to the to do list; perhaps I can start donating again. Report
I used to donate whenever the bus came around and I was allowed to donate. I haven't since I moved up north from where I used to go. Now I see the bus around all the time. I have been turned away a couple of times. Now that I'm retired, I am going to check into donating again! I have great veins and I can give back to the community! Report
To those who get turned away for low iron count, I was advised by the phlebotomist the last time I was turned away to take 2 Flintstone vitamins every day for a couple of weeks to boost my iron. Just passing on the info - I'm not making any claims here.

I agree that the Red Cross can become borderline harassing about calling you to schedule your next donation and so I've blocked their phone number on my cell phone. No longer a problem and I do all my own scheduling using their online portal. Report
My husband and I donate platelets and plasma about once a month ( platelet donors can safely donate about every 10 days) and very so often we are eligible to donate double red cell in addition to platelets and or/plasma. Donating platelets is a lengthier process so it may not be as easy to fit it into your schedule. Platelets are needed for infants and chemotherapy patie
nts; because it takes more time to donate, and must be used within 5 days there is a crucial need for these blood byproducts. Donating platelets is our major charity, and it is the best feeling in the world to know you've helped save a life. It's the most personal gift you can give. Report
I used to donate blood on a semi-regular basis (whenever we had a blood drive locally) but ever since I had my son my iron levels are too low. Last time, the guy told my I should eat more meat and leafy greens and I was on Atkins at the time so I was like "That's all I've been eating :(" It's not low enough to be considered anemic, but too low to donate. It gets annoying because they still contact me all the time about donating and I can't. Report
I have been a regular blood donor (4-6 times a year)in Canada where I live since I retired 8 and a half years ago. Previous to that I donated occasionally but the monthly clinic in our small city was held on a day when it was difficult for me to attend. Procedures are pretty much the same. I can't say that I have ever noticed any health benefits but I have O - blood which can be used with many (all?) other blood types so they LOVE to see me whenever I am able to donate. It's an easy way to help others and normally doesn't take more than a hour - including snack! Occasionally my iron will be a bit low disqualifying me from donating that day, but that is not uncommon with frequent donors. The CBS staff and volunteers are always so appreciative that ir makes the effort very worthwhile. Report
Thank you to everyone who has donated blood! It saved my life, and I'm now healthy enough to donate & give some back!

Without blood donors, I would never have been able to see my kids grow up. I bled out giving birth to my son & came very close to death. Thank you to those who donated and allowed me to see my precious children growing up!
I donate every 8 weeks, I must say it helps that my office organizes blood drives right at the office to make it easier. I've been donating since high school, it's such and easy way to help other people. Report
I used to donate and would still if I could, but I lived on a military base in Germany in the early 80s (during the mad cow disease years) and so I'm now disqualified. I do check every couple of years when the Big Red Bus comes around to see if the rules have changed. Report
Not a regular donor, but I try to donate 3 times a year. My favorite tip: Drink a lemonade before going. My blood pressure is 90/60 on a good day, and the sugar gives me a boost so I don't get dizzy. (Been there!) Report
I used to donate regularly, as I have a rare blood type, but my iron levels dip dangerously low when I do.
My physician told me to stop.
Getting the Red Cross people to stop harrassing you, especially with a blood type like mine, can be a chore. Report

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