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10 Things Your Nutritionist Wishes You'd Stop Doing

Are You Guilty of These Nutrition ‘No-Nos’?


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Thanks for sharing Report
Thank you! Great advice! Report
Great advice and reminders. Report
Thanks for the reminders. Report
Thanks Report
good advise Report
Giving up to soon. Guilty! Report
Yes...I tend to skip breakfast...but I am working on it... Report
Taking advice from people who aren't experts. Like bloggers? Report
I'm SUCH a creature of habit!! BUT!! Reading this and yes, I am a daily weigher (but, I am so very aware that the scale DOES fluctuate all thru the day and that's FINE, normal its not discouraging to me, though it certainly for many) and now I NEED to switch around my food!! You are so correct because on the few times I do move around my food, I DO lose. TY TY TY !! Report
thank you Report
Good suggestions. Thank you. Report
Thanks Report
Moderation. Report
I appreciate the reminder for a good breakfast and eating it mid morning. Great information. TY Report

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