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Real-Life Grocery Expenses, Revealed!

How Do Your Shopping Habits Measure Up?


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You don’t want to see my household grocery bills! Report
In the summer I have free produce given to me once a week. We are also a Farm Share people so we can get free produce through that also. My hubby complains that I have too much food already, but I freeze whatever I can't use right away. I love frozen greens for snacks too. :0) Hubby does most of the grocery store shopping and loves pasta, meat, and cookies/cakes.etc. We usually eat together the same meals, but sometimes he will not even try mine as he was not brought up eating veggies. I was brought up on a farm where we had a garden. He was brought up in the city where he walked to spaghetti places as often as he could. He would eat spaghetti for 3 meals a day and still be happy. I am tired of pasta.... Report
Great article! Report
This must be an outdated article, food prices have increased at a phenomenal rate since published. It is also clear that food is more expensive in some places. I do not buy much in the way of groceries from a store, but every year the price goes up. I noticed the other day the bottle of olive oil I was buying for 13.99 is now 19.99. I d buy cat food the large multi can packages, used to be 12.99, now it is 19.99. And today I was kind of in shock at the drug store to find a bottle of store brand ibuprofen was 19.99, used to be under 10 bucks. Report
This probably needs to be updated because it seems like the cost of groceries have gone up considerably! Report
We have two adults. Seniors. We spend about 150 to 180 a week on groceries. We stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables. Bread, milk, eggs, meat, fish, fresh fruit and veggies. These are the essentials.
the rest is usually paper products and canned tomato sauces to make my own sauce. I think we eat healthy. We eat fish at least twice a week. Report
I am in the minority but I love to go to the grocery store. Then again I dont have kids. Report
Thanks for the article Report
2 adults and 2 kids, 4 dogs, 4 cats and chickens our food bill is a bit weird to calculate. We make one big purchase a month for meats and 25lb bag of flour then weekly renewal of milk, butter and fresh veg and fruit. Our chickens basically get what we have left over or starts to go bad. Can't wait to get garden going so we can cut back even further. Report
I eat only healthy items and fresh fruits and vegetables, I live alone and my food bill averages 125.00 a week. I will have to look into this, thank-you. Report
Found this very interesting. Report
Thanks for the info. Report
T is nice to be able to compare and see what others are working with as far as making organic work in their lives as well as the price of fish and fowl. Thank you, Sparkies for sharing! Report
Really interesting numbers! Report

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