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Real-Life Grocery Expenses, Revealed!

How Do Your Shopping Habits Measure Up?


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Interesting.I find fruits and veggies expensive. Report
Interesting. Thanks Report
I tend to shop at Aldi for bread, milk eggs and other staples. I also use the Ibotta app and coupons for the special things.
I like the idea of shopping at Aldi. We don’t have a Trader Joe’s nearby. I shop at lot at Weis Market. Report
Some weeks I spend more money than other weeks. Report
Thanks so much! Report
thanks Report
I have no idea how much I spend per week on groceries. I get paid once a month and stock up then and make other trips for fresh produce, milk, and eggs as needed. Some goo d suggestions given here. Report
I'm vegetarian. wheat & lactose intolerant and prefer to eat whole foods. I use a lot of dried beans and pulses in my cooking which I rehydrate, cook overnight in my slow cooker and freeze in reusable freezer bags for convenience. I do have some bought in convenience foods such as plant based burgers but generally batch cook most of my food from scratch once a month and freeze meals in individual portions. I also bake a small wheat free loaf every 2 weeks, mostly rye and spelt. I really am not a fan of bread, but do add pearled spelt and barley, brown and wild rice and quinoa to soups and stews as well as having them as sides with my main meals.

I spend on average £70/$87 every 2 weeks online for food for myself. About 60% is fruit and veggies, fresh and frozen. The rest consists of things such as tofu, tempeh, plant milk, plain greek yogurt, mature cheddar, eggs, oats/granola, spices & condiments, canned tomatoes/tomato paste, baked beans, rice. gluten free pasta and rolls, spelt and rye flour, oil and dairy free spread. Then very occasionally some plant based convenience foods such as sausages or burgers. About once very every 4-6 weeks I put in a £30 online order for items I can't get from my local store such as soya grounds/chunks, white miso, gluten free vegetarian stir fry sauce, etc.

Before the lockdown I was spending about £70/$87 a week on food and throwing out a lot of waste. By not going to the store I've reduced my food bill plus reduced my food waste to virtually nil. Lockdown has taught me the foods that keep the best, how to store them properly and that I really don't need most of the junk that I was spending my money on. Plus I'm feeling healthier too. Report
I'm not a fan of Aldi's. We go to Sam's club and Wal Mart Report
thanks Report
Thank you for sharing Report
Very interesting article, and I really appreciate it! We are about in line with this . . . or were before the pandemic. Now we are ordering grocery delivery sometimes, which jacks up the price of course. And, yes, because I'm currently working two jobs and come home not willing to cook, we're also getting prepared food delivered more often than I'd wish.

I am going to take the advice of shopping Aldi and Trader Joe's. Never thought of them, but now I will as I strategize how to get more out of every dollar. Report
Ours is much higher! Report

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