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Finding the Fun in the Weight-Loss Journey

Why Willpower Alone Isn't Enough for Permanent Weight Loss


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Thank you so much for this well-written article. It is excellent. I think I'll start having some fun immediately! Report
Fantastic article. Spoke volumes to me. Been having fun with the eating plan this time. :) Report
good read. Report
Absolutely great Report
Thanks for sharing articleđź‘Ś Report
Weight loss & exercise can totally be fun! Report
"Fun" and "weight loss" don't seem to go together. Buy your article explains it really well. Thanks! Report
Can I just start over I need a reboot? Report
This makes sense! Report
Great read! Report
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
Wonderful job..Awesome article... Report
Enjoy the Journey! Report
I've got rules that I live by and "rule 62" is don't take myself to damn serious. Report

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