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6 Seemingly Innocent Habits That Are Hurting Your Health


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Thanks Report
Thanks Report
I eat less meat than before but more due to portion control. Have always liked legumes & use protein powder & nondairy yogurt for variety.
Sitting a lot, I'm guilty. My job was sedentary so since retiring I try to move more. Alas, it's not my natural inclination to do so, am working on it.
Stopped nail biting years ago out of vanity. Now I get them done routinely w/ acrylics as they are prone to ridges & splitting despite diet changes & supplements. The chemicals sit on top of dead keratin so I refuse to worry about it; I go once a month.
I was told by an Asian man years ago to use peanut oil in my wok due to the lower smoke point. His culture has gone so for centuries & I see no point in changing now. Otherwise for eggs & other frying I now use a combo of butter, olive & coconut oil. My body can absorb whatever it wants or needs.
The rest of the article about candles is BS as many are scented naturally tho' I don't burn many having switched to the battery ones.
Anyone who knows me realizes I don't hold back emotions - when I'm pissed off, there's no secret. Being more aloof & logical, it's not much of an issue anyway. Bad drivers, boring or stupid people, & my hubby all can sometimes get me riled up however upon retirement, my stress levels plummeted. Report
You info about oils is incorrect. The smoke point of walnut oil? Check out the facts before writing this stuff! And canola oil is BAD for you! Report
Thanks Report
Thank You Report
Candles? Plug ins? Cancer causing! I feel like giving up. What can I enjoy? Report
Moderation is the key.... Report
Another study that has no point other than to gather funding.
Come on SP, check the sources and understand the standards of a scientific study.
The end of this study/report states that pre-cancer cells are available to anyone regardless of food consumed. It also states that the people studied were within a restricted age group. There was absolutely not substance to the report cited.

Just provide facts, stop using propaganda (half-truths) to try to scare them into doing what you will. Report
It's interesting how often "healthy" foods change. First we need more protein, now we need less. I hate reading articles about what we can or can not eat anymore. It seems like scientist jump on the same fads the rest of us do. Report
Thought provoking post Report
I was told to eat more protein by a RD. As we grow older our bodies need extra protein to help regulate edema and blood pressure, and, as we grow older, it is more difficult for us to get the amount of protein we need. I suffered from swollen feet and ankles and high blood pressure. With an increase in protein my swelling is gone, my blood pressure is down and my hair is no longer thin and dry. My doctor is delighted with my results. The protein increase has come from whey. Report
When I was in high school (MANY years ago) I asked my home ec teacher "how do I stop biting my nails?" She said "Just do it" So I did. - I wish I could stop all my bad habits with that much determination. Report
Thank you Report
Great and interesting info. Thank you. Report

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