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8 Exercise Options for Runners Who Can't Run Anymore


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I stopped running due to plantar fasciitis which I still deal with. We purchased a Zero Runner by Octane Fitness. I like it way more than elliptical. It mimics running the best of any machine but your feet never touch the ground. I will probably never be able to run outside again but at least I didn’t have to completely forgo my favorite conditioning. Report
Good information. Thank you Report
I really wanted to integrate running into my fitness goals, worked the couch to 5k and did a charity run about 6 years ago. I started having issues with my knees that ended with a meniscus tear. My doctor highly recommended low and no impact cardio for me. I can walk, but even that for extended periods leave my knees achy. My gym has an Adaptive Motion Trainer, and I LOVE IT!! I can "run" on it for an hour, and no knee pain. It is an awesome calorie burn, and using the preset hill or mountain climb programs varies the resistance and makes me adjust my stride, unlike the ellipticals fixed motion. Report
If you are interested in walking, check out the Volksmarchers, more familiar as the Walking Club of America, at www.ava.org for organized walks all over the U.S. and Canada. We walk for fitness, friendship, and fun! Report
Good suggestions, thanks a lot! Report
Thankfully, I can still run at 72 - but I do not run fast - slow and easy pace for me! Right now I still enjoy running in a few 5K's each year and have earned several medals! Thanks for the suggestions for the day when I decide to quit. Report
Thank you! Report
I had to stop running 2 years ago due to several herniated discs in my back. I do run short intervals, very carefully at times, but I mainly walk.....a lot, and fast. Sometimes up to 50 miles a week. Yes, you read that right. Funny, I still call myself a runner, because I am one at heart, starting when I was 25. I'm 65 now.....and feel years younger due to all those miles. I don't regret a single one. I miss the high, but I've come to accept the limitations imposed upon me from the back issue. I did the stationary bike thing, tried the elliptical...the machines don't cut it for this gal. Nothing like a solitary morning commune with nature.
Thank you for addressing this issue! It's the first time I felt moved to comment on spark for a long, long time. Guess ya hit a nerve, eh? LOL! Report
Absolutely great Report
I like aqua jogging. Report
Running is too hard on my arthritic knees now. Report
I never got into running. I've been a walker for years Report
Thanks for the great suggestions. Report
I hiked for miles in the Upper Peninsula of MIchigan to waterfalls, lakes, Pictured Rocks, with a quad cane, backpack, and 35mm camera case, filled.. If I can do it, anybody can. Report

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