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Why Do We Fall for Diets That Fail Us?

The Science Behind Fad Diets and Social Inclusion


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We are always looking for the easier softer way. Report
Thanks Report
Yah. I have to stay off the Fad diets and just eat sensible Report
Thanks for the information Report
Yes, I've become plum worn out with fad diets. My daughter and family are currently caught up with the Keto trend. It was Paleo before that. She has had a sensitivity to gluten all along, but now she finds she is sensitive to any carb and is eating so poorly. She's totally focused on losing weight (she's quite thin) and this, in turn, has affected the children. Hubby and I have decided we can lead by example (definitely not with words). Perhaps when she notices our blossoming health, weight loss and well-being she'll come around. I surely hope so. I wish she would read an article such as this one. Thank you for sharing!! Report
good article Report
I've been following the Slimfast plan since January of this year. Because of its ease and convenience, I have lost 34 pounds. I am preparing for maintenance and can honestly say that Slimfast is not a fad. It works! Report
Thank you Report
Good info Report
I think one reason I started having weight problem is because I started going on fad diets with my mom at an early age. I wasn't over weight until late teens. Report
I appreciate all the information. Report
Thanks Report
You've shared some great information. Thank you! Report
good article. I've tried just about all of them and the bottom line (for me) is: increase movement/exercise more -- I seem to need a LOT of exercise, and then I'm thriving... and control your portions and eat real food! It sounds very simple, but it's not because it requires discipline. Report
I remember the cigarette and grapefruit diet from the 60s. Fad diets never make sense. Report

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