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Why Do We Fall for Diets That Fail Us?

The Science Behind Fad Diets and Social Inclusion


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Absolutely; fad diets do not work. But, people do want that "magic bullet" that will result in quick and forever weight loss. Unfortunately, 85% of dieters regain weight (and then some). Reasons? They are unsustainable, many are unhealthy, there is no accountability or support, no learning new healthy lifestyle habits, lack of community. As a Health Coach, I provide all those tools which lead to long-term success. Report
I never thought much about fad diets until reading what this article terms one -- As someone else noted, my stepfather also talked me into the grapefruit diet with him when I was teenager and I never heard of it again till reading this! For a while, I also used canned diet "meals" or bars - but it was really for convenience and ease as a busy college student. My husband successfully used Atkins. For me, at least, age had a lot to do with how I viewed what I eat and how in less "fad" goals. Now - in my 60's -- I worry about younger people - teens, young adults who seem to fall prey to a lot of this. Report
Awesome...thanks... Report
I am happy to be doing keto--LCHF and it is proven to be sustainable. I grew tired of the merry-go-round of conventional diet (all are diets---even the traditional plans) as whatever we eat every day IS our diet. I found starch to be my enemy with so much inflammation and pain in my body---and was advised to get it our of my "Diet" ...…..I have done that, and have never til now had more tasty meals---and NO I am not restricted. Carbs no longer dictate to me and leave me hungry as they did before!! Keto is working for me and millions--No hype about it and tons of Doctors are behind it! Report
I believe this article is misleading it lost its credibility when it put Whole30 and Paleo in with diets like Atkins. Whole30 is a reset diets with the goal of identify foods that cause problems for some people. It is only 30 days, and afterwards you introduce foods slowly back in to identify problem foods. If you start feeling like crap again go back and see what changed in your diet. As for Paleo it’s basic idea is to eat as little processed food as possible. Nothing wrong with that. Report
Good to know. Report
Great article , I think I’ve been on most all of the fad diets over the years and most of them aren’t healthy! We do want a quick fix instead of making a balanced diet with exercise our main stay. Report
Good article, and I can honestly say that I have never tried a diet in my life before getting introduced to Spark People. I never needed to diet until in my early sixties when the weight started attaching to me. Before then I was rather skinny most of my life. Report
We do, don't we, SparkFriends? Looking for a quick fix for a long term problem. Report
Thanks Report
Common sense... Report
thanks Report
Yes there have been and no doubt will be, many fad diets around. And yes, many of us will follow some of these and eventually fail. However, the fitness industry can also be held to account for fails; as well as those who promote "low fat" foods (when in reality the fats have been replaced with higher sugar content to make the food still taste good). So, in some respects this article makes sense, but also, I do wonder who is behind this writer's 'promotional' discussion too. I mean, who is she working for?!
Hmm.... :) Report
We fall because we want a quick and easy solution. Report

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