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Why Do We Fall for Diets That Fail Us?

The Science Behind Fad Diets and Social Inclusion


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I got I have tried them all, and after all that I have learned from Spark that it's a lifestyle change. Thanks for sharing! Report
I tend to fall for diets celebrities tout. Why? Because they look so fit and attractive. I should know better if you consider I have tried so many programs for decades after decade to no avail. But I think, "Now THIS is the one that will be the answer..." Report
I have learned through Spark People that fade diets and regular diets just to not work or do not sustain weight loss. Life style changes is what works for me. Report
Good article, thanks. Report
Great article Report
I'm glad I found WW when I was 21. I've been doing it ever since, so it's not a fad. Report
This is a great article! And, let's be honest, eating a well rounded healthy diet is not really that tasty, so becomes Unsatisfying, which makes people even more attracted to "quickee" eating plans... it is amusing when someone praises an eating plan on here, but admits to stopping and starting, over and over again. Because it does not satisfy...... Report
I'm eating a real whole food diet with minimal processed foods.

At 90% of my meals I eat 4-6 oz of meat or 2-3 eggs, usually a potato or sweet potato (but not always) and 2-3 servings or colourful veg at each meal.

It is low in sugar, breads, baked goods and high sugar fruits.

It works for me helping to keep my blood sugars stable and my energy levels up. Report
I have never been on a fad diet. I eat everything and lost 47 pounds in 18 months. I go to a restaurant for supper 1 day per. month and I order food people consider unhealthy as I consider this my treat. I eat 100 calories less for the 7 days before so I do not gain weight, if I eat less then 700 calories more, good for me. If I want something that people consider unhealthy like ice cream I can eat 1/2 cup of regular gourmet ice cream from the grocery store at 100 calories or other so called unhealthy foods at 100 calories any day and not go over my calorie limit. I do not do this everyday and get my proper nutrition daily. There are no good or bad foods, it is the amount and how often you eat them that counts. I would rather have 1 piece of good tasting pizza then 2 pieces of healthy bad tasting pizza. This is a way of life for my lifetime, not a diet! I also exercise 10 hours per. week, mostly walking. Report
I quit doing fad diets years ago! The weight returns very quickly plus a few more lbs on top of that Report
Not all fad diets result in failure. Years ago, I went on Nutrisystem for about 6 months and lost about 50 pounds. The diet completely reprogrammed the way I looked at portion size and carbs. After I stopped the program, I had an understanding of the types of foods and portions I should continue eating, and kept the weight off for more than 10 years (until I became pregnant).

Also, I don't think that eliminating certain types of food from your diet is inevitably unsustainable, just depends on the person. I know plenty of vegetarians who would never consider eating meat, and vegans who haven't touched a glass of milk for a decade or more without feeling deprived or being considered "unhealthy." If you love, love, love bread, it would probably be difficult to maintain a zero-grain diet indefinitely, but that doesn't mean it couldn't be done, or that the completion of a low-carb "fad diet" couldn't be adapted into a diet where bread is a rare indulgence instead of a staple. Report
everyone wants to lose weight NOWand anything touts "lose weight fast", well . . . lots of people try it. Thank you for this sensible article to help open our eyes to those fads which will not ultimately help us. Report
Everyone needs to do what is right for them ... but I have spent a kajillion years following "healthy" diets that were not so healthy for me. My doc suggested an elimination protocol that has changed my life forever. Yes it is hard to eat a limited scope of food groups but this allows your body to health and then reintroduce foods slowly to find out what needs to be eliminated ... possibly forever.

Gluten has been a huge issue for me ... without me knowing it. Now that the "fad" is to eat everything whole wheat ... many of us do not tolerate it in such overwhelming quantities.

Food is for body fueling and nourishment. Sometimes we have to figure out which foods that is. Report
Great article. I've been fad dieting all my life until now and thanks to SparkPeople. Report
Been there done that but no more Report

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