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Why Do We Fall for Diets That Fail Us?

The Science Behind Fad Diets and Social Inclusion


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I have a full shelf of fad diet books. Personally, I feel that they do not work. You get fed up of eating the same thing all the time. What works is eating everything in moderation, keeping tab of your intake and also exercising regularly. I have managed to lose nearly 40 lbs over a course of 7 years and thanks to SP, I have maintained. I still am not at my ideal weight, but slowly and surely I will get there. Report
I can recall as a kid in the late 60's early 70's there used to be magazine ads in Canada for a diet product called "AYDS". Needless to say they aren't around anymore. Report
All "diets" are fads! Report
I am on the DASH diet and there is a DASH diet club on this site! Report
I think the most dangerous diet is the self-administered keto. There's always a percentage of people who like to live dangerously and thereby remove themselves from the gene pool. Report
You have precisely outlined my problem in referse: those non-fad diets that you recommend rely heavily on vegetables . . . which I loathe (unless they are soaked and disguised in butter and salt). Admittedly, on such diets I do lose weight initially, because I cannot force enough down my throat to reach 1200 calories a day and I become weak and tired and unable to do my 10,000 steps a day or any other exercise.
My normal, happy and positive outlook on life fades into a feeling that everything is impossible.
Which makes such diets unsustainable for me.
I can only last a few weeks eating a high volume of vegetables before my body and soul rebel and I return to a diet that is high on protein and low on carbs: and which keeps my body happy and healthy.
Any suggestions ? ? ? Report

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