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Diets Through the Decades: What Advice Still Applies Today?


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Interesting to see the changes in the fads and the "easy" solutions Report
Oh my gosh I remember some of these; I've even tried some of them...Live ad learn...Thx Report
Very interesting! Report
Interesting! Report
I had to laugh since I've tried several of these. Long term - count those calories and move more. Report
Interesting article with some laughing. Best diet for me is SparkPeople, tracking my food and exercise. Report
Great article!! Report
I credit all the diets I've been on for my weight and poor relationship with food. Report
Good summary of diets through the years. Enjoyed reading it. Report
That was a fun article to read. Remember the grapefruit diet but bacon was added to it. Now no grapefruit for me because of meds I take for blood pressure. Looking back, wish I weighed now what I did then - don't know why I was trying to lose weight! I also did Jenny Craig and it worked up to a certain point. The only diet that ever worked for me was Weight Watchers. Report
And I have done them all. Report
Interesting! Thanks! Report
My go-to diet even now is the Scarsdale as it's a lot of what I already eat and I can drink my Diet Pepsi. I agree, it's a lifestyle change and if you don't learn how to eat healthy, it's just a yoyo effect. Report
I did not know the tapeworm diet was a real thing, but I joked about being on it for years ha ha. "Even my tapeworm can't eat another bite"... What worked before, still works, and always will, is eat less, eat better, move more. There is no magic shake, pill, device, or any fad that will work as well as a sustainable and sensible lifestyle. Report

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