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Are the Meals You Prep Safe to Eat?


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good safety review Report
Great info. Thanks. Report
thanks Report
great Report
Thanks... Report
I prefer to make lots of freezer meals. Report
Good tips of which I had not thought
Thanks for the info Report
Additional tips:

Make sure you're cooking your foods to appropriate temperatures. 145 for eggs, whole cuts of fish, pork, and beef; 155 for ground fish, pork, and beef; and 165 for poultry, stuffed meats, and casseroles.

Keep raw meats stored BELOW ready-to-eat foods and produce. Ready-to-eat food should be stored at the top of your fridge followed by raw fruits and vegetables, whole seafood and meat (pork and beef), ground seafood and meat, and poultry at the very bottom.

While preparing a meal, keep ready-to-eat foods and produce separated by time and space from raw meats. Be sure to wash and sanitize counters and tools between these items. Report
Food for thought Report
Thanks for the great info! Report
I agree, food safety is common sense. Report
I am not trying to be rude but isn't this something everyone should know ? Report

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