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Would You Recognize the Signs of a Concussion?


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had a severe concussion a year and a half ago and still experiencing symptoms. Family's attitude was "It's just a concussion" When my Dr. said mild traumatic brain injury suddenly people were more caring. concussions vary greatly and it's good to see an article explaining that. Report
Thanks for sharing this very important info Report
Very important to know! Report
Great information Report
I have a history of falling - whacked my head several times. I’m 70, & a military nurse. Used to work there for about 25 years. I’ve gotten numerous CT scans.So far, no brain bleeds from falling (I do have micro infarcts in there, but 1 was told it’s fairly common @ my age. No falls since 11 Nov 2019. Some slips & almost falls, but fingers crossed! Thanks for sharing this. Report
Great Info. Report
Extremely important to know. Report
thanks Report
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
thank you Report
Thank you. Very valuable information. Report
Thank you! Report
Thanks, good need-to-know information! Report

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