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How to Quit Your Low-Carb Diet Without Regaining Weight


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Awesome...thanks... Report
thanks Report
Good infö, but for me once I get off the intro phase the weight loss stops. For me, just better to focus on eating healthier and counting calories. It works. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
If I go over 100 carbs per day I begin to gain weight. 150 carbs are out of the question. BTW, each molecule of stored fat is mated with two molecules of water, so when you lose fat, you lose twice as many water molecules. Report
Thank you for the informative article. Report
Thanks. Good article Report
Low carb is a life saving diet for many people with diabetes. My friends who have been saved by it plan to stay low carb for life. Report
I think this is good sound advice! I was happy to see this article. I don't follow a low carb diet but I think it is good to know when my friends bring the subject up and don't know what to do. Report
Good need-to-know information. Thanks! Report
I have just started a low carb diet. It's hard to keep going with it. I didn't even think about weight regaining when I go off of it Report
Have done Atkins and was always tough to get off and in to a healthier way of eating. Great advice. Report
Very important information. Report
A good article. Just adapt it to your needs or not as suits. Report
Really enjoyed reading this sensible technique. Transitioning to maintenance is tricky. I think the article is sound information transitioning from any plan. The definition of low carb varies from person to person. I agree with many here about simply eating real food which IMHO translates to healthy carb intake. I’ve tried plans that restrict much fruit and dairy. Not sustainable for me. But having plenty of fruit, veggies, protein w/ whole grains once daily does. Once again, meeting individual needs for health and being satisfied without hunger is the goal, right!
Thank you SparkPeople! Report

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