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What Your Resting Heart Rate Can Tell You About Your Health


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Problem is, when you reach a certain age and have a certain RHR, just sleeping could put you in a range that is 85 - 90 percent! How do you get up to go to the bathroom without having a heart attack? (Of course, some people do have heart attacks getting up from bed, but not normally.) I know lots of 80 and 90 year olds that have a RHR in the 90s. Report
THank you. Report
Thank you Report
I love to see my RHR go down. Report
I disagree with the 220-age method. If I followed that, I would never break a sweat. I think you should use this as a loose guide, but focus more on how you feel exercising. Report
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very good info and so true! Report
good info Report
Did I miss it in the article? Shouldn't it state how long to actually rest before taking a resting heart rate? Report
Great, I am one of those people who never gave my resting heart rate any thought, but that is going to change now. Report
My heart thanks you. Report
Very helpful....thanks Report

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