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Why People Love Keto and Experts Hate It


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So hard to take the “experts” seriously! If their advice was so great then why do still have the obesity crisis? We’re not getting healthy following standard advice on macros. I’m on a keto diet and I’ve never felt better or been healthier! The labs don’t lie! Report
Keith Ayoob ... says ...ketosis is never recommended [by whom??], and could [or could not, right?] even be harmful ... a ketogenic diet is, by definition, unbalanced [who defined "balanced", and on what authority?] ...

... could lead to constipation," says Jonathan Valdez ... not a cute look ..." ["Could" again. Could does not mean will, or does. It means maybe. And, "not a cute look" is such a non-scientific criticism! If I wanted to know how cute I am, I'd go to a media spokesperson, not an actual scientifically trained dietician. Oh, wait ...]

Keto is not boring. It's filling and satisfying. "Food groups" are an artificial construct, trying to fit all the nutritional variety in the world into 4 or 5 simple categories. Has Mr. Ayoob tried living only on "apples, whole-grain breads, and yogurt"? I don't know how that would go, but I'd be interested to hear.

Conclusion: this is not a useful article. It is based on opinions, not facts. There may be facts behind the opinions, but those are not in the article. Report
Something that is not long-term sustainable is a no-no. Report
I had a bad stomach bug for a month that reacted to carbs, and I was really thankful that there were guides to the keto diet for vegetarians. I would have trouble even when I ate carrot sticks, and I was having a hard time keeping myself fed. It was a relief to see keto recipes and be able to find more foods I could eat, so I wasn't just surviving on almonds.

I tried to stick to my new habits when I was able to eat a wider variety of food and it was impossible without the, um, immediate intestinal feedback, but I'm still thankful that there were food bloggers who published guides to help me in my situation. I lost a lot of weight that month, which isn't something I wanted, but I was still functional at work and able to exercise. Report
I don't think this diet is for me. I enjoy my fruits too much which adds the carbs up too high. Thanks for sharing! Report
My first thought when I read the headline was "And these are the same 'experts' who told us for years that eggs were bad and HFCS & Hydrogenated vegetable oils were good for us.' Report
Great info Report
I do IF for my BRAIN, as a result I experienced a health and energy that interested me in a KETO way of eating. I do not diet.

I continue to be very interested in Keto. I enjoy well researched articles. Report
The KETO diet was never developed for adults!! It was developed for children with epilepsy. It is believed that certain foods may contain minerals or other things that may contain seizures. As the child gets older, foods are added back into the child's diet until a healthy diet could be found. Report
I have always had questions about this diet. Thanks for realistic answers Report
I am not sure how 8 cups of vegies a day can be considered unhealthy. I've lost over 50 lbs and have kept it off for almost 2 years. But the weight is only part of it. I no longer have any prescriptions. I have fixed my prediabetes, insulin resistance, dry eyes, slow metabolism, constipation, high blood pressure, low HDLs, migraines, sinus issues, brain fog and dry skin. I sleep really well at night and have energy during the day. I really do not believe that anyone NEEDS sugar or grains to meet their minimum daily nutritional requirements. I do intake some lemon juice and nutritional yeast to cover the C's and B's but I don't need all those carbs in whole wheat bread and whole piece of fruit to get them. Once I got the hang of it, Keto and IF has been really easy for me and has been the only "diet" that cured my cravings for sweets and being hungry all of the time. I am healthier at age 50 than I have been for the last decade or more of my life. Keto actually helps you get healthy so you can lose the weight. Report
Many of the so called experts were trained inside the box. Not saying there are no negatives but at least in the short term there are many benefits. Report
Umm, ketosis is a perfectly natural state to be in, not at all harmful. Newborns are naturally in ketosis, as well as their nursing moms. Anyone who fasts for a certain period, like pre-surgery, will also go into ketosis of course. There’s plenty of experts who love keto, and have lived on it for years- check out Dominic D’agostino, for example. The US Navy had him study the Seals with keto to improve their diving abilities and oxygen issues. There’s essential amino acids, essential fats, but no such thing as essential carbohydrates. Did you know your body is actually capable of making its own glucose as needed? Almost everything runs better on ketones, anyway. What did our ancestors do? Inuit tribes and others? They mostly ate meat, and seasonal vegetation. Sometimes they went days with no food, waiting to catch some. Researchers who studied the Inuit in the early 1900s found they had no cavities and almost no incidents of heart disease or cancer. For the world as a whole, type 2 diabetes was super rare prior to about 150 years ago, when refined sugar became readily available. And now...
Personally, I’m 5 months on strict keto (and I eat dairy- yogurt, cheese, butter, cream, thank you very much), real whole foods like eggs, meat, veggies, avocado, healthy oils (no omega 6 junk oils), berries, lemon, lime, some nuts and seeds, lots of water. No sugar. No processed foods. Scary, huh? In 5 months, my blood pressure went from high to normal; sleep improved; achy joints went away; skin cleared up; constipation went away, totally regular now; better stamina and energy; mental clarity; improved anxiety symptoms; my teeth always feel smooth and clean now; and I’ve lost almost 30 pounds on top of that. I feel like I’m 20 again. I’m in my 40s, and my last 2 decades of eating “healthy”- whole grains, fruit juices, Special K, low-fat everything, eating 6 small meals, the US food pyramid- all of that- left me yo-yo-ing my weight, exhausted all the time all day every day, dragging around, achy old-lady body, acne, eczema, psoriasis, anxiety, bloating, constipation, brain fog, etc. No, thank you! I’m keto for life now. It’s sustainable, I have plenty of variety, I don’t eat out or eat processed junk, and I’m feeling better than ever. Report
i'm not sure how great this diet would be long term though Report
From my own research, I would only recommend this diet to those with large amount of weight to lose (over 100 lbs) because of how hard it is on the body. I've seen it work short term with extremely obese family members. Report

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