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This 4-Step Breathing Practice Can Help Focus Your Mind


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excellent techniques Report
Great article, will for sure be using this breathing exercise to help focus my thank you Report
great info Report
Interesting mindfulness technique! Report
Thanks Report
Thanks Report
Very good for pain control. Report
This is good stuff to know, SparkFriend. What a difference correct breathing can do. Report
Sorry, but no, Mark Devine didn’t develop this breathing technique. I learned this breathing technique from an Andrew Weil book umpteen years ago — and I don’t even know if HE was the one who developed it. Report
Today is my second time referring to your article. On 5/7/19, I will be using some of your information in my own blog and giving you full credit for your thoughtful research. Report
thanks Report
very relaxing Report
Thanks Report
Thank you! Report
great Report

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