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9 Mistakes Costing You Money at the Grocery Store


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Living out I stock up on non parishables, freeze what I can and keep a supply of food to get me thru as much as a month if needed. Planning is essential ..and of all the hints..Never shopping on an empty tummy should be number ONE! I do take a list..but if there are great buys that are not on my list I will jump on them. Wise shopping leads to wise choices in meals indeed. Plus less $$ spent often! Report
Having purchased food for a family and now down to a couple, I tend to "over-buy" which means food spoils. I'm now beginning to shop a few times a week on my way home. Spoiled food (for me) leads to feelings of guilt AND wasted money! Report
Good tips. Report
Great info! Thanks! Report
Great article! Thanks! Report
Interesting-Good info Report
Thank you for this article. Some things I knew but some I did not Report
Good information. Thank you! Report
Never, ever grocery shop when you're hungry...lol Report
Where I shop, it can be cheaper to buy chicken parts rather than a whole. Where you really save money is buying chicken parts that haven't had the skin removed. I've bought legs for as little as $.49 a pound. If I were to buy those same legs with the skin removed, it would cost me $1.19 a pound.

What I've noticed, when it comes to buying chicken, is that purchasing a whole chicken, skinless breast or just chicken wings is expensive. The dark meat parts are cheap.

I prefer to get the boneless chicken breasts. I buy them in a package of 6 or8. Keep out what I am going to need and freeze the rest. Report
thanks Report
I learned to.cut up chickens correctly from my mother in law almost 46 years ago now! Its saved me lots of money over the years! Report

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