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5 Steps to Take to Have a More Positive Social Media Experience


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thank you Report
Thanks good ideas Report
This has some great tips! Report
Every so often I have to quit using social media just because I get so anxious about politics, bragging, and environment. Some family members announce everything on social media. When I'm not on, I really do miss some of the family news. Report
Thanks Report
take a break...who knew?! Report
Great info Report
I especially like the one about taking a break. I need that one. Report
Good suggestions. Thank you. Report
While the internet is frequently a way to promote goals achieved by faking I really don’t get why meal prepping 15 meals or running a marathon is something negative unless you know for sure that it didn’t happen, and that wouldn’t be a stressful thing. I am sort of on Facebook, I check in about once every 6 months or so, but I used to check in daily. I decided that with all the new ways FB has of hiding friends posts I wasn’t seeing much of what I was there for and just gave it up. There are going to be annoying people on Facebook just like in all other aspects of our world, but the advantage to FB is that you can delete toxic friends, or just refuse to friend them in the first place. If that is impossible you can hide thier posts without them knowing. There are both good and bad aspects to social media, just like the rest of life. Report
Very good tips Report
Weird article, you can't simultaneously drag people showing healthy meal prep and promote somebody "being real" showing cellulite, both things are real to whomever shared them. Report

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