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An Exercise in Proper Breathing

Take a Good Breather


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Breathe in,....B r e a t h e o u t........ Report
Thank you for the article - I'll be trying it out really soon! Report
I love deep breathing. I know I don't do it enough. Report
Very relaxing. Report
Good article Report
In and out, slow and steady Report
I love to use deep breathing exercises when I'm stressed. It really helps to slow down my breathing, concentration on breaths going in and out rather than what is bothering me. Report
I agree; an audio version of this would be very useful.

Thank you o:) Report
I can't overstate how relaxing this exercise is. I try to do it every day now, and it helps me focus better than anything else. Thiago | http://www.vacuman.com Report
Great article. I try to do alot of breathing when I exercise. I try to warm up. Report
this co insides similarly to the buteyko breathing method in that you should only breath through your nose, very true i dont know about deep beaths im pretty sure your lungs will only absorb a small amount of that oxygen Report
I like this article! I definitely will be trying it. Like someone else said before it should have been in audio but nevertheless with practice I will be able to do the different steps automatically. Thanks! Report
Nice article! And thanks to those who gave their own tips in the comments! Report
Good article. It may be basic but sometimes we just need a reminder. Think I'll be adding to my goals to consciously perform a few times a week. Thanks! Report

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