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Relax Your Mind and Body with Yoga

Yoga: An Introduction


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Thank You for a great article. I love Yoga. Report
Great info! Thanks! Report
Thanks for this informative article. Report
Good article Report
Good article. Report
Next week I start a beginner yoga class with all exercise done from a chair or on the floor. I have a broken back for many years with steel rods in it. I also have a blood clot in one lung so was advised to do easier exercise. I also have low blood pressure and heavy exercise lowers it too much,it is 80/50. I need light exercise & walking and have to have extra salt daily to raise it. I must walk before all exercise classes to raise it. I will do this one day a week plus walking and will check on one more light exercise class to start. Report
I feel like yoga is a waste of my time when I could be getting a REAL workout in. Report
I feel like yago is a waste of my time when I could be getting a real workout in. Report
Thanks for the tips awesome Report
Can't do yoga. Report
How great is that? Offering yoga classes to cancer patients seems only natural. I’ve experienced great results practicing Kundalini Yoga. I feel more relaxed and creative. As a dancer, I am more flexible and have more energy. It has even increased my intuition and has lead me down the path of inner discovery. You’ve got to check it out and see what kinds of Kundalini Yoga benefits you’ll experience. http://www.yogatech.com/kundalini_yoga_ben
efits Report
yoga is a wonderful breathing system which produce positive effect on the internal organs Report
I will try this next week. Report
Don't forget about Kundalini yoga OR mediation style yoga! Report
I am so happy that I decided to attend a yoga class. Don't wait until you have a partner to go with you. Just do it ! I know you will love the feeling of being relaxed at the end of the class. Report

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