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Is Evening Eating Destroying Your Weight Loss Efforts?


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This is true for me. Unregulated evening eating is a problem for me. Report
Nighttime eating is my biggest problem Report
I was a late afternoon eater, but otherwise it's the same struggle. Report
Great article! Report
Great article! Report
Great information. Thanks. Report
This is a really helpful article! Thanks! Report
Interesting and helpful article. Interesting and helpful comments, too. Work schedules are no longer all 9-5. Work and home times are so variable. I'm attempting to be flexible, open to ideas, suggestions and advice from SP and slowly, I have made changes in my lifestyle with positive results that have become permanent. Becoming aware of what I was doing and when has been revealing and helpful to me. Report
Interesting to consider Report
Yeah the 5 pm makes NO sense. I don't get home until after 4:30 if I go straight home from work. My husband has a 30 minute drive so if he gets off work at 5 he isn't home until 5:30. We don't eat supper until at least 6:00 at night.

You would be better off saying I'm not eating after ??? at night and pick a time that is good for you. I don't eat after 9 pm and don't actually eat until at least noon the next day though I do drink bulletproof coffee each morning. A lot of times I don't eat after 8 pm even. Report
Nighttime mindless snacking is my downfall. Report
I'm so glad that I got rid of this habit. At one time, I was really bad with evening eating. Report
I’m finding the 5pm standard arbitrary, considering most workplaces end their day at 5, after which employees must commute home. Only then can they prepare dinner, unless they hit the drive-thru or stop for food. For any of them, 5 is a no go. Report
Still a good read the second time round, Report
This article is out of date, & also inaccurate since IF works. I have read that it doesn't matter what time of day you eat or fast including if you are a Type 2 diabetic or have pre-diabetes. Many people have trouble eating early like breakfast & lunch, then stopping - no dinner or evening snax. I eat usually 2-10pm, often later. 4-midnite isn't uncommon, nor is staying up late. I sleep much better after I eat; just nothing too heavy or spicy. Potatoes or bananas are great & help me sleep thru the night. If you're a fast digester, this article will make no sense for you. Report

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