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Heart-Healthy Benefits of Exercise

Your Body Benefits from Your Hard Work


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I liked this article. It is encouraging information on how a healthy lifestyle can affect and prevent chronic illness such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Report
This is a good article. I used to be on meds for high blood pressure, 165/103. My blood pressure was checked on Monday and it was 114/71! And I haven't been on meds for over 3 years! Report
My DH has type diabetes, wasn't too active before because of pain on walking.

His oldest sister also has it and just had her foot amputated.

DH somehow had missed the connection between diabetes and this type of problem.

After back surgery, he took diet and exercise to heart, has eaten all the spark recipes and followed the spark diet with me. He still can't walk too far at one time, but rides his exercycle daily. At his last checkup, his doctor was elated at his A1C of 5.7! Report
Had my annual check-up yesterday and my blood pressure was down to 110/70! Weight decreased from last year, and my doc said " I wish all my patients were as healthy and fit as you!" I may not be at my goal weight yet, but I am definitely on the right track!!! Report
Good article and a great reminder of how the little things make a huge difference. I'm finding that out myself - just started the 10 minute Challenge and already I'm doing more, feeling better and seeing results - just in the 4th day! Thanks for the encouraging article!! Report
This morning I walked to the grocery store in the morning to get marked down groceries. By walking and not driving. I saved a few bucks and got in a 2 mile walk. Report
Timeless advice. Keep spreading the word.

Let's not forget that regular exercise can prevent or lessen the effects of over 50% of chronic illness in those over the age of 65.

Also improves self-esteem, confidence, decreases depression... the list goes on and on.

If you cannot do the exercises listed here, chair exercise is an option for almost everyone.

Stay strong,
Anne Burnell
Stronger Seniors
Timely for me article Report
I like this article. It makes sense Report
Thanks for the article, I will exercise more with the hope of lowering my HBP, cause I'm not consistant with it, Thanks for the tips, plus I need too tone up after losing 46 pounds. Again thanks Report
I appreciate that this article basically is talking about ‘exercise for people who don’t like to exercise’ which is sooo me! And that’s what I’ve been trying to focus on…worry less about doing exercise and focus more on being ACTIVE. I now take the stairs alot, at work I walk the long way to the cofee machine and restroom. I now that’s it’s making a difference for me on the waistline. And as I get more active, scheduling ‘exercise’ (like zumba classes) is just now starting to become more a part of my routine. Thanks for helping validate that I'm on the right "active" path! Report
First you need to use spell check on the preview page - achieve - spelled incorrectly then correctly. Second, all the statistics are with the only change being exercise? No diet changes? I don't think so. Report
Thanks so much for these helpful tips...

I will try to use hand weights while watching TV.... (but let me keep the remote) haha Report
I actually love to workout! I like how my body and mind feel afterwards. I feel strong and sexy and empowered. Every time I get done with a workout, I know I'm getting more fit and healthy. To me, sweat is sexy!!! Report
Aside from group activities (difficult to find/do them 5 times a week), I simply don't like exercise. However, this is something I want to change; hopefully, doing something I enjoy rather than something I hate. Yeah, I need an attitude adjustment. Report

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