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Heart-Healthy Benefits of Exercise

Your Body Benefits from Your Hard Work


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I appreciated the article. A good reminder to stay focused and keep working towards the goal. I enjoy reading others comments too. Some people have good ideas and it helps to remind me I am not the only one out there trying to stay healthy. Report
can't appreciate ocd activities Report
Love the idea of Keeping a pair of comfortable walking shoes in your car. Definite going to take that advice. No excuses. Report
I miss you Jen your articles are very healthy. my main goal is to remain heathy. I tried to exercise 5-7 days a week for 20- 30 mins a day for the 3 days I work and 1 hour minimum for my days off . I guess it make up for keeping my cholesterol and blood pressure within normal range. On my day of work, not only I take the steps but also my job involve a lot of ups and down the hallway, turning and repositing matters. I guess that count also for something. I t ' s good to know that I am doing the right thing. I used to feel guilty if I miss 1 day or do too little exercise. Thank you much. Report
Here's another ides: At work, I go to a restroom on another floor, taking the stairs each way. Report
I can do everything you suggested except for one.... Please don't make me give up my remote!! I'll make it up by walking extra --- but have a heart --- I'm a compulsive channel changer. Report
I do all I can to keep my BP and cholestrol in check but my major down fall is the exercising because of my knees(osteoarthritis in both)bone tearing into bone(awful pain just to walk),water exercise I cannot not get there because I am disable,can not drive nore can I afford the membership of a gym. So I do my best I can with what I got.
I thank you Jen for the great article. Report
It was good to read an article that confirms what my Dr told me all along about getting exercise 5 days a week. I thought he was just pushing me. The exercises and eating fish 3 times a week were his main objectives for me. Report
Remember to get an annual physical. Report
This article is a helpful reminder of the importance of exercise-since I started exercising on a regular basis my BP dropped 20 points, my triglycerides dropped 45 points and my HDL increased by 6 points. Report
Really good article......my cholestrol is so good, the doctor is envious. He contributes it to the exercise I do faithfully. By the way I eat eggs and it will not raise the cholestrol in the body. The cholestrol in an egg and the cholestrol made by the body is not the same.

Five days ago my Doctor gave me a blood test and my triglycerides were at 225 and my LDL was at 154. It is borderline high. She put me on medication and I have 12 weeks to bring it down. If anyone can offer some pointers please send them. Report
Thank you Jen, I`ve been working on my cholesteral and blood pressure for over a year and I still need a reminder to keep my eye on the prize. Report
Great article Jen. You always have good information to share...Ann Report

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