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Healthy Pizza with PIZZAZZ!

Your Taste Buds Won't Know the Difference


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thanks Report
I love pizza Report
Ole Xtreme Wellness tortillas are nice and soft and only 50 calories apiece.
Also a good crust is the Joseph's Lavash (available at WalMart). Report
I always top my pizza with pineapple. Report
Good article Report
great ideas Report
I use tomato salsa instead of pizza sauce. The toppings depend on what is in the fridge - usually mushrooms, sweet peppers, oninon (red), and left over chicken or possibly sliced ham. I mix up the cheese flavours/types too. Report
I love pizza!!! Here in scottsdale there are a lot of options, and of course the homemade option is great. Sometimes you just want to get a good old fashioned chicago style though. Am I right?

http://barrospizza.com Report
We almost always make pizza from home (delivery perhaps once a year). For some reason people think from scratch is hard or time consuming but that's so not the case. Pizza crust is very easy to make, and if you mix the dough first, by the time you've finished chopping veggies, the dough has risen and is ready to be thrown. Occasionally we grill meat and chop it finely to put on top. We don't really eat sandwich meat anymore - and I don't miss it. A homemade pizza piled high with veggies and fresh herbs: Delicious! Report
I make amazing pizza from scratch (whole-wheat dough & flavorful sauce without the added sugars). Yes, there's a bit of labor involved - but honestly, the flavor is unbeatable.

While I'm fairly generous with the cheese and dough for the family's pizzas - I make a personal pizza for myself. I weigh out a 5 oz. portion of dough, 1.5 oz of mozzarella, and really max out on the veggies (red onions, red/green/yellow&orange bell peppers, black olives, tomatoes, eggplant, spinach, and artichoke hearts). The 1.5 oz of cheese is just enough to act as a cohesive for all the veggies without weighing down the pizza with added calories and fat.

After I roll out the dough to where it's not too thin and not too thick - I get a very generous sized personal pizza. In fact, while I can eat the entire pizza if I wanted - I'm often too full after 1/2 of the pizza and a big plate of salad. I don't feel deprived or as though I cheated - it's a very well balanced, healthy meal! Report
I love healthy pizza even more than the traditional! Report
My favorite frozen pizza is Publix Greenwise Spinach and Feta. It's 210 calories for 1/3 pizza, or only 315 for half. Report
I have discovered Flatout Whole Wheat Flatbread for 100 Calories. I use it for my crust. I put it in the toaster oven to crisp it ever so slightly so it is a little stiff to load up with my pizza sauce and veggies. I use 1 TBSP of grated Parmesan and Romano cheese. This is a wonderfully filling and flavorful treat for just about 200 calories. Report
CINDYKC2000 I love your idea of wholewheat flour pizza crust with flax seed added. I've been making my own bread and pizza crusts for a while now. This would certainly give me another way to make this occasional treat a bit more healthy. For sauce I generally use a good quality, no salt added, tomato puree with a good helping of oregano, ground garlic, parsley and basil. Toppings usually include fresh sliced tomato, sauteed onion and a small quantity of cheese. Report
I love homemade pizza!! There are so many different ways to make it. Report

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