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Healthy Pizza with PIZZAZZ!

Your Taste Buds Won't Know the Difference


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Great article. Report
Wondering where you are finding low sodium sauce? I've had no luck thus far. Report
I really don't like pizza unless it is homemade thin crust. I never liked white bread and most pizzas are all crust........ Report
I LOVE pizza. Especially the calzones loaded with vegetables and all the meats. Thanks for this wonderful information on pizza though. I will know switch to just canadian bacon with all the vegetables. Report
We love a good pizza, unfortunately we usually ordered the 'LOADED' variety with everything but anchovies. This article really encourages us in the ability to enjoy some of our favorite foods in a much more healthy manner. Report
It is nice to know that pizza can be enjoyed, as i do like it... thanks for the posts, everyone...there's always some interesting tidbits to be learned at our posts!!! Report
I use Light Flat Out Wraps for pizza. Only 90 calories and gives a nice crispy crust. Report
We like to make our own pizza at home. But now I'm going to actually measure the cheese I put on. We've also found turkey pepperoni which has far fewer calories and fat. I'm definitely a fan of blotting! Report
pizza is one of my weaknesses and we make our own pizza in our business. i have gone from eating 4 or 5 slices at one sitting to MAYBE eating 4 or 5 slices a month. i savor every bite when i do treat myself to a slice. i now treat the 1 slice as dinner along with a salad. Report
Pizza is my weakness as well. Thanks for the great into Report
Thank you sooo much it feels good to know I can still have pizza and not feel bad and still eat right=D Report
Thank you so much for this article, Pizza is my favorite, and I LOVE to order it out and have it delivered. Tonight instead of eating a 10 inch pepperoni I ordered a much smaller 8 inch personal pizza with green peppers and onion and it is REALLY yummy! And much healthier/less calories. Report

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