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Get the Facts on Flax: The Little Seed With Big Nutrition


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I have eaten some foods containing flax seed but after reading this will make a point of buying some at the store. Not sure where, is it w/ cereals, baking items, or health section? Depending on price, I likely will get it whole & use a coffee grinder altho I tried that before & some seeds do work better than others. Keeping ground seeds in freezer is what I used to do w/ coffee. I think it's fine for a few days but oils do get rancid & can cause problems even before that nasty odor develops. Might as well get some chia again too & try the chia pudding Sparkers discuss in CF. Report
I love adding ground flax to yogurt and salads for extra flavor. Report
Great article! Report
I grind 1/4 cup and add it to our home baked bread. Report
Good need-to-know information! Report
Thank you for the article Report
Hahahaha! I like the comments as much as, or more than the article! Especially @prussianette who points out the necessity of grinding the little cancer fighting seeds!! Report
Awesome thanks Report
I like the bread that contains flax and eat it often. Report
I use flax and chia seed on a daily basis. Report
Just bought some on my last grocery trip. I was not aware that they needed to be ground first. This article was just in time for me. Report
Good info. Report
thanks Report
Thank you. Report
Thanks Report

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