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Expert Solutions: Metabolism Mistakes

SparkPeople experts and coaches weigh in on the top 4 metabolism mistakes even smart dieters make


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I think consistency is the key, consistency and variety. I also think that a person's body constitution is a factor, people who have more muscle on their bodies have a higher metabolic threshold so lower intensity for them is not the same as someone with less muscle mass. There is no bullet solution, other than be consistent and try to vary the workout and diet. Report
A friend of mine in a professional trainer and she told me about the the Zone. She said that the body burns fat better in this zone. She says when your heart rate is too high your body stops burning fat and starts burning other things (can't rememeber exactly what). This made since to me at the time..... now I am unsure of both beliefs :) Now what??? Report
I thought longer cardio with less intensity was correct. I do sleep too much- I am unexpectedly unemployed. Plan get up at regular time & get my workouts in. Report
Thank you for keeping us informed. I looked forward to your articles. Report
i now realize that the reason my metabolism is so slow is because i sleep to much due to depression. i dont eat, but i dont lose weight either. and there lies the problem, i need something to kick my metabolism into high gear. i do get out and walk, but thats about all the energy i have. plus its so hot out side that you just want to stay in the house. i need changes.........i need to increase my appetite so i can eat the right foods, but i just dont know how to do that............ Report
I agree with ALL of the input..I fall in all the catagories.
Starvation mode produces lack of energy and too much acid...Burnt esophagus
exercising on an empty stomach.feels good at first but produces..acid reflux
diet pills..not eating enough...acid reflux, burnt esophagus
Unfortunately...the damage is $100 in over the counter meds to control acids. Report
Gosh, I didn't even know what "fat burning zone" is! Report
An ok article. Tells more about what you should not do than what you should do. Plateaus are frustrating for everyone. Finding that right balance and combination is very difficult. Also changing every 5 -6 weeks is hard.
I am just starting weight training and hope to work on finding that balance for me - so that I have a stable place to start from. Report
Agree with others-- this article was a bit vague, but at least it gave me a starting point to start looking for more info. I especially am interested in finding out more about sleep deprivation. I've always thought the idea was to minimise food intake before bed otherwise you'll have too much energy and won't be able to sleep, but looks like that's wrong. I can see I'll have to investigate that concept a bit further! Report
Hmmm... I'm a major fan of appetite suppressants, so I don't entirely agree that diet pills are a problem.

Even with careful eating (the "what"), my metabolism is still slow and my hunger is out-of-synch with it. That's been true all my life. So I can be chubby and STILL hungry and hate it, or I can blot out the "unreal" hunger signals that make me physically miserable. I choose the latter.

The article discusses insufficient calories, which is great, and balance in your approach. It probably should stress the quantity of sleep though-- most people don't realize that not getting enough sleep triggers hunger and keeps you from losing weight as effectively. Report
Great article! I learned a lot of this last week in biology, but what i didn't know was the myth about the fat burning zone. Whenever i go to the gym, I usually use the weight loss program and try and keep my heart rate down. Apparently, I don't have to do that! Report
I added exercise slowly, first with bootcamp beginning Jan. 4. Then I bought the cardio blast DVD. Sometimes I do one of each, somethimes 2 cardio. I get up at 5 a.m. to do this. I try to use the nutrition section to keep track of my eatin. Ceral & fruit for breakfast, low cal frozen lunch entre, and varios supper. I feel like I should have lost something and that my clothes should be loose. Nothing, nothing, nothing. I can't believe I haven't quit. I do a.m. because I have graduate classes after work. I have a daugher getting married in May and I wanted to be at least one dress size smaller. Depressing to say the least. Report
Thank you for this article. Remember years ago it said 1000 calories is all you need? I am from that erra.
I am 58 and suffer from disc herniation, degenitive disc disease and a back injury. So my activity level is low... so I cut back on foods, I am in constant pain..but the kick annie part is my calories were less than 1200, metabolism was slow, tired due to can't laydown to sleep and malnurished. Unable to swallow due to GERD? or not eating and acid has burned the esophagus.
I increased my food choices, started too fast but I thought I was losing weight and inches...went back to old eating habits (cheaper) and I gained weight and inches.
I went to a metabolism doctor for low blood sugar..hypo???
the results were shocking...I was told t for the next 2 weeks eat more carbs, protein, butter fat and liver so I would be able to have a surgery. It worked AND I lost 7 lbs WOW.
I go back to do structured exercises, cardio and foods. I gave them my SP menu, they loved it.. cut my bread to 2 slices, raw fruit is canned packed in water...not the frozen for they all contain sugar ingredients. Report
I agree this article was vague, I can't figure out why I can't loose a pound. I've been using the menu plan for several weeks now. I do have to adjust some of the items due to food allergies, but I try to stay within the food group they suggest.

I'm going to go back through the article, and use the highlighted items, see if they give me more answers.

Please elaborate on this subject. It sounds like I'm not alone out there, and menopause is wreaking havoc on us. Report
I agree that this article left me wanting for more information, especially about sleep deprivation. I also would like to see an article about breaking the cycle of sleep deprivation (without meds). I haven't had more than ONE night of uninterrupted sleep in nearly 16 years (I had the flu). Between babies, hubby's night shift, wanting some peace and quiet...well, let's just say I've been running on empty for years and I know for a fact it's a huge part of my weight....MORE INFO PLEASE! :o) Report

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