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Expert Solutions: Metabolism Mistakes

SparkPeople experts and coaches weigh in on the top 4 metabolism mistakes even smart dieters make


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As a nurse, I have spent a good deal of me working life working nights and long hours.
I have to agree with the sleep deprivation aspect of gaining weight. I just came off a year of
16 hour night shifts, and have a 30 pound weight gain to show for it. Stress, lack of sleep, all of it, can really trash a metabolism. Report
Being a nurse, diet pills scare me. They can do lots of damage and you may not even know the damage is taking place. I wish there was more control on these products. Report

Help want to know if doing to much strength training. i do 45 minutes mon wensday and friday but also onother days do excersie video that's called power sculpt by biggest loser is this too much Report
help, what types of food and how long should I eat before going to to gym. I work out for a good 1 hour then i get into the sauna for 20 min, Iam I going about this the wrong way. Report
We can comment articles now? Sweet!

I've made the mistake of eating too little. I did the Weigh Down Workshop when I was 14. I lost about 50lbs. But I killed my metabolism. I was barely eating. The rule is "Eat when you're hungry, stop when you're satisfied, not full." It works well for some people, but I had no idea what I was doing. I thought I was hungry when my stomach growled. But now that I know my body better, and know that that is waaay past the point of actual hunger for me. I bet there were days when I was eating 500 calories.

Well, you can guess from that it didn't work out, because now I'm using Spark, doing it the right way. Report
I had fallen prey to the idea that weight loss pills will keep me from being hungry. That was until I started eating 6 mini meals a day. Report

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