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Plateau Busters - Part 2

Include Adequate Rest in Your Exercise Program


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Good article. Report
good points Report
Good article. What people need to do is glean what can help them. Report
The exercises I hate most is crunches or abdominal are workouts, this is where I need to start focusing. Report
Really awesome. Report
As I age I find that I am not able to sleep as long as I used to. How do I deal with that? Report
I understand that sleep, from a physiological perspective, its needed. But, many of us got here because our lives are filled with too many responsibilities. We did not exercise because of time. I only fit in my workouts by waking up at 4 am. I will no longer sacrifice exercise for sleep. For me, as I imagine it is for others, that is the only choice we face. Hopefully, the other recommendationa work to bust this plateau. Report
Fabulous, all of them! Report
Unfortunately 8 (or more) hours of sleep is impractical for many of us. I work full time (and then some) - typically 50-60 hours a week, plus I'm in school full-time. Once I graduate (May of this year!!), I will possibly have the opportunity to get to bed a little earlier, but if I want that 8 hours of sleep I have to cut out something (exercise??) because I don't have that many hours in my day... Report
excellent! Report
I will take from each of your comments and the article and see what works to help me break this month long plateau. Report
8 hours??!???! *&($#*&%#_*#$&#&$#

maybe that's why..... Report
Ok, maybe I need to rest a bit. I've been on a 60 day yoga challenge, doing yoga for 90 minutes a day, every day. I am at 34 days now. I wonder if I need to choose between finishing my challenge and losing weight. I love the way my back and legs feel due to yoga, but I'd like to see some more muscle gain or weight loss. PERHAPS I will take a day off every so often. hmm... Everything is a choice. ;-) Report
BAMBINA_91764 and others: I hit a six week plateau that was driving me crazy. I talked to our employee wellness person, showed her what I was eating, my exercise schedule, etc. She suggested cutting out 200 calories and adding an additional half hour walk. It worked! I lost 8 pounds in about 6 weeks. Report
i had a neighbor that told me she took a day off once a week usually it was a saturday or sunday, depending on her and her family''s schedule.. she would fast and stay in bed most of the day. raising a family is a 24 hour, seven day a week job. a wife and or mother deserves one day off. she looked thinner and well rested on monday. i hit a plateau for three weeks and decided to try it. it works and i feel great. years ago when we had more stay-at-home moms and not the frantic overprogrammed lifestyle of today, the day of rest was sunday and people knew fasting and rest was good once in a while!!!! Report

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