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Plateau Busters - Part 2

Include Adequate Rest in Your Exercise Program


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I agree with everything except the advice to sleep "AT LEAST 8 hours" a night - having just been through an aggressive regimen with my sleep specialist including overnight studies, I've learned a lot about how different people need different amounts of sleep. Long story short, 8 hours+ per night is NOT for everyone. As long as you can get roughly 6 hours of quality (as unbroken as possible) sleep per night, most people are fine. Some need 8 hours, some need as little as 5-6. This is NOT a one size fits all situation, and encouraging people in the 5-6 hour group to try to sleep 8 hours will not work and might make things worse. Report
I joined a local gym back in July. After all this time I have not noticed much change. I am obviously doing something wrong. Unfortunately for me, being a single mom on a low budget doesn not allow me the option of getting a personal trainer much less a diet consultant. I would like to lose 20 pounds however without the proper assistance I am willing to settle at 15. Any suggestions?...please help. Report
I have been in denial, and now I must admit I am in a plateau. This series of articles brings that reality crashing home.......I know what needs to be done. Sigh!! Report
Duh me! It just occurred to me that I've only been getting 6 hours of sleep per night as of late. Could this have been causing my 2+ month long plateau? I mean, with other factors considered as well. I'll read the 3rd part of this series!
Pale Report
I am on a 1 month plateau I thought I needed to increase my exercisse but maybe I need a break it down some. Report
yes my trainer said to cool down when i told her about my workouts saying i have to go light the next day or rest Report
I guess I need to take note of my sleeping hours. I sleep too little and irregularly. (^_^;;) Report
I have changed my eating habits for over 8 weeks now, eating 5-6 small portions for the day, doing exercise an average of 6 times per week and until now I am yet to see that 5 pounds go. I now realize that I may be overdoing it because I am up from 3am in the mornings studying then by 5:30 am I am out to do my one hour morning exercise with some strenght training afterwards. I go to bed around 10 or 11 pm. Report
I have to come back and read these again and again. As reminders. Working on being less overfocused on things. If not food, then work, or the gym. Moderation please! Report
I love this article. It is so true. Report
Wow...this could not be more timely...particularly about not overdoing. I just got done with a strength training session with trainer and he is cutting my cardio. He said I was overdoing it. I've been on a plateau for about three weeks and it is driving me crazy. This is the first thing he wants to rule out so I guess he is right. I just really, really like working out 6 days a week. Report
Wonderful, thank you! I'm new at the exercise portion of my getting healthy and this really helped. Great tips! Report
This was right....on.....time! Today I have begun to track exercise and water. I'm taking note and putting to good use this info. Report
I'm getting an education in fitness!! Report
This is great info I will put to good use Report

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