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Dining Out: Indian Cuisine

Restaurant-Specific Strategies


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Of course, all of my favorites are on the no-no list! But I enjoy all of them only occasionally and in moderation. The lower calorie options suggested are also yummy - but sometimes a girl just needs a veggie samosa! :) Report
Good info! Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Good article. Report
I love indian food. I feel like it would be no more "bad" for me than eating say a goopy cheeseburger. Report
Great. Report
Another thing to watch out for is portion size! Many restaurants serve you a portion that is 2-3 times larger than it should be. Report
good info Report
Lots of information here, but what's with the "low fat", "avoid ghee" mantra? That's outdated info. Full fat dairy is way healthier. Report
great article Report
Chana masala, dal soup, garlic naan, fresh salad with the lemon wedges are my favorites when I go out for this type of food. The restaurant I go to is more than happy to supply fresh veggies on the side, such as red onion, tomato wedges and fresh herbs. Report
There's also this really tasty spinach and cheese.
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Agreeing with many comments here.
THIS JUST IN: fat is a necessary nutrient!
If anyone remembers the low fat "foods" of the 90s (Snackwells, anyone?), we were constantly hungry... Report
I find this article very interesting. Being half Indian and having gone to this country numerous times to visit family, I find that not everything is true in this article. In India, no form of pig or cow are eaten in India, so one wouldn't see Pork Vindaloo in India. Indian food can be healthy for you as long as you are smart about how you cook the dish. Report

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