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Dining Out: Vietnamese Cuisine

Restaurant-Specific Strategies


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Thank you! Report
Thanks Report
I have never had Vietnamese food. Report
thanks Report
thanks Report
Pho is so high in sodium! Report
I wanna be able to get try these tasty meals. Report
Good article. Report
Thanks for the great information! :) Report
I love Vietnamese food! Good to know that one cuisine on the list is actually healthier than I supposed (ie usu cooked in broth versus oil comment in the article). Foodlovermary- it sounds like the fruit you are describing might be a 'pomelo', which is sometimes called a Chinese grapefruit and sometimes goes by any number of other names. Does the peel burn your lips like fire? They are available in (at least the eastern) United States. Report
I lived for 18 months in Vietnam and lost weight without thinking about it. Phu is great and it is soup. I have been home in US for 3 months and my weight is going up. Many finds in Vietnam are very healthy. Spring Rolls taste great but are fried and often greasy. The fresh spring roll is much healthier. All the food is full of fresh vegtables and their is lots of great fruit available all year long. My favorite is a grapefruit like fruit that is bigger and dryer and somewhat sweeter than here. But with Gert I must be careful what I eat. So come to Vietnam and loose weight!!! Report

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