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Work Out with Yard Work

Your Yard & Your Body Will Thank You!


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I feel like I already read this Report
thank you Report
yard work is a big workout for real!! Report
im beginning to like yard work. especially when i see stuff grow that i plant Report
Yard work is NOT my favorite. :-( Report
thanksa have to try these Report
Just a balcony! Report
Yeah! I love gardening! Report
Good information, but how do I log the activity? Report
Awesome...thanks... Report
I really enjoy doing yard work. Report
Gardening is sooo much more fun to me than "yard work".... I think it is a perspective thing. Cleaning it up and getting my yard all full of flowers and greenery, it gives me a zen space. I love it! And hey, free exercise!! Report
I can not begin to tell how much I hate yard work I do it because it has to get done, but the whole I am doing it I am hating I always have. More so in my older years between bad back and knees there is not enjoyment at all,if I had the extra money I would hire a gardener or cement it over so no more weed pulling or mowing Report
Not only a good workout, but fresh food too. Also lots of pretty flowers. Report
Garden work. Good info to know about warming up. Report

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