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Probiotics: A Billion Good Bugs

Friendly Bacteria for Your Digestive System


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I am a firm believer in probiotics. A few years ago I had a severe case of Colitis due to overuse of antibiotics. All the antibiotics that I was taking for my Chronic Sinusitis were killing all the good bacteria in my intestines. I was very very sick from the antibiotics. I was told to eat 2 yogurts a day and that would help. That didn't help enough and I ended up using probiotic tablets (Acidophillus and Bifidus, same thing in yogurt). That did the trick, but it took over 1 year to get better. My suggestion to anyone taking antibiotics is to also eat yogurt at the same time. Ask your doctor when they prescribe the antibiotic about it. I won't even take an antibiotic anymore unless I absolutely have to. Report
i totally agree...i have been faithfully eating yogurt now at least 5 times a week, and have noticed a definite improvement in so many areas...i no longer have heart burn everyday, no gas, no constipation, less bloating, I could go on with how good I feel! Report
I notice that this article doesn't mention that probiotics are present in soy yogurt as well, so one doesn't have to eat dairy products to get the benefit of probiotics.
Ari Report
Please mention that people who are immune suppressed need to consult with a physician
before eating foods supplemented with probiotics. Report
People drink Kifer here in Russia all the time. I use it in place of buttermilk for most of my recipes. But I really like to drink it with purple grape juice. It is really good. I never thought I would like it. I have had it with cherry juice as well and it is good but the cherry juice we have here is not pure cherry juice so I usually avoid it.

Try it sometime it's real good.

Oh, I have heard you can buy Kifer in health food stores. Report
This article was a great reminder for me. I normally steer clear of dairy products because of my extreme allergy to a certain antibiotic often used on cows, but it's actually improved my health greatly to periodically have a cup of organic yogurt (Stonyfield Farms has some great ones), and no risk of antibiotics as long as it's organic! Report
I do plain lowfat stoneyfield yogurt and put on some canned peaches(in pear juice, not syrup). Sometimes I put the peaches with a little bit of the juice and 1/2 banana in a food chopper if I want it sweeter. Report
I find that probiotic yogurt really upsets my stomach. But regular no fat yogurt is great. Report
I LOVE Greek Yogurt. Trader Joes has it in 16oz tubs for 2.99--not terribly expensive. I think they have a TJs in NYC now, too. I LOVE the nonfat plain with a drizzle of honey. It's sooo good. Report
not sure if organic yogurt provides more live cultures, but i really love the taste and eat it every day with fruit and granola. besides my skin improving, i've found that my stomach feels so much better. i don't get acid indigestion or feel as bloated.

yogurt rocks!

ps--those greek yogurts are delicious, but you have to be a millionaire to afford them! almost 7 bux for a smallish tub here in nyc. Report
I think probiotics are great too, they have really helped me with my eczema, but I prefer to get them from a Naturopath because they sell pharmaceutical grade products. This means the bacteria count is guaranteed until the expiration date and they use blends of different strains of bacteria that are shown to live a heathy gut. There was a study done that showed that many of the supplements in stores actually do not contain the amount of bacteria they claim on the label because they have died off. Also, the probiotics found in yogurt are cultured from bacteria found in a cow's digestive system, whereas high quality supplements are cultured from human bacteria that are bred to survive and collinate in the human digestive tract. Report
Does anyone know if this this includes greek yogurt? Report
I really like yogurt (plain, nonfat with my own additions), but very few of them have Vitamin D added. If you use yogurt as part of the 2 milks you need for calcium a day, I think that would be a problem. Report
I just started eating the Kefir, I love it. Its so good with fresh fruit.

Kitt Report
I just tried kefir for the first time this morning instead of milk on high fiber cereal. I found that having this for breakfast really filled me up, and I hope the probiotics will help my immune system too! Report

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