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Probiotics: A Billion Good Bugs

Friendly Bacteria for Your Digestive System


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I was told by the pharmacist that probiotics would assist my gut while I was on a course lo strong anti biotic's for an infection and they did .
Later I found my psoriasis had died down and i was feeling much better.
Also my digestive system is behaving better, I am 76 and like many people of my age despite eating the fresh foods I had some problems .
I have no idea why they are helping me so much but I now take one each morning on an empty stomach with a big glass of water and am feeling a lot more ready to do things . Report
who knew we needed bugs Report
Take refrigerated supplements everyday and they really help. Do not take these at the same time of day as an antibiotic. Per the doctor they would work against each other Report
I'm allergic to dairy products. It's one of the top eight most common food allergies. The most common one! So some alternatives to dairy mentioned in an article about probiotics would be helpful. I feel that this is really incomplete, and I'd give it a C- if I were a teacher. Report
Great insight to little known facts. Report
I always take something that has probiotic in them. If I don't my stomach and gut hurts. Report
Confirmation! Report
A good probiotic is part of my daily recovery regimen. I figured it couldn't hurt, and now I know. Report
Great article. It would be good to update it now that it's 2019. There are several wonderful probiotics in fermented foods, such as fermented sauerkraut. Dairy is not the only source. Thanks for writing about the benefits! Report
Thanks for the information. Report
Any comments about "Probiotic Gummies"? Report
Probiotic-prebiotic they all help. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
what is the difference to your health between pro- and pre-biotics? Is one better than the other? Report
Good article. Report

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