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Probiotics: A Billion Good Bugs

Friendly Bacteria for Your Digestive System


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Great, thanks for sharing! Report
Don't forget buttermilk! I sweeten it and use it as a salad dressing. Report
Informative post
Is there any specific time to take these probiotics?

A great one! Thank you! Report
Can be a great help for those who need them. Report
I thought that probiotics are medicines but actually, they are not. Our digestive system is an idol place for bacteria, so we need to maintain a balance between healthy and bad bacteria. Probiotics are healthy bacteria which help in better digestion. After consuming Yakult for a long time I can see several positive changes in my health, my digestion become strong, I have better bowel moment and also got better immunity. I take it as a regular part of my daily diet. Report
Very informative! Thank you! Report
great. Report
Take a probiotic daily. Report
awesome article Report
What the heck??? Probiotics are found in a lot more than just dairy products - do you work for the national dairy association or something?
How about sourdough bread, sauerkraut, miso paste, kimchi...
Anything fermented will have probiotics. Report
I've been taking probiotics for years now and have really noticed the difference. I feel much healthier now that I did several years ago. I've been reading sits like http://bestprobiotics.org and a few more to increase my knowledge in this good bacteria. Report
probiotics are not dangerous. Doctors and big pharm don' want you taking them and finding out that the medication that they make billions of dollars on is just ridiculously over-prescribed and mostly needed due to our completely unhealthy lifestyle. We gorge on processed foods, bleached flours and sugars and spend millions on who knows what that is in fast food and we do that so that doctors can prescribe the medications that there friends in the food industry made us sick for. So of course they want you to think that this stuff is not safe to take with "certain" medications. It's not safe cause it will cause a loss of profit to your doctor and to a whole lot of other people and even if your doctor is a real nice guy who would never think like that he was programmed to in med school without even knowing he was being programmed. I'm sure he is a nice guy he just didn't have a chance. Report
If you take certain meds, check with a doctor before eating this stuff, it can change the way your body uses the meds, or the body won't be able to use the meds properly because you gut is making the med useless............be warned!! Don't just watch the cutesy ads and buy anything and swallow it down, isn't good for everyone at all. Report

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