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Probiotics: A Billion Good Bugs

Friendly Bacteria for Your Digestive System


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There is a Spark Team, Kombucha Kurious & Fond of Fermenting!, that is dedicated to food and beverages with natura-occurring probiotics.

eamboard.asp?team=35223 Report
If you're using yogurt for your probiotics, keep in mind that non-organic yogurt is typically taken from dairy cows that are fed antibiotics - which is relatively counter-productive. Report
Thanks for the results with your Thrush. My daughter was trying to get my 8 year old grandson to have some yogurt today, but he wasn't interested. He has Thrush right now due to his chemotherapy for ALL Leukemia, so I am going to be sure he knows the yogurt may help. We normally enjoy yogurt anyway, but today he needs encouragement. Report
I've always loved yogurt, but after a recent battle with Thrush, I've really learned the benefits of probiotics! Report
Hello probiotic fans! I've been reading all of your comments, and am loving this discussion. My name is Ariel and I work for GoodBelly which is a dairy-free probiotic juice drink. Since many people who need probiotics most cannot stomach dairy, this is a great way to take in the beneficial bacteria without having to be faced with the complicating factors of lactose/dairy. Every delicious serving of GoodBelly juice drinks contains billions of live and active probiotic cultures. The probiotic strain in GoodBelly has been used for many years in Europe, and is called Lactobacillus plantarum299v. If any of you are interested in taking our 'guaranteed to work or your money back' 12 Day Challenge, please visit www.goodbelly.com/challenge to sign up! Happy New Year to all...

Ariel at GoodBelly Report
What about buttermilk, I love it and would have no trouble drinking it every da y. Report
While in the hospital my Dr. had me take Culturell (probiotic) to avoid stomach upset with some antibiotics. I continued to use it as a daily supplement. I have no symptoms of IBS anymore and for the first time in years can eat dairy. I have tried other products but didn't have the same results. I am sure each of our systems is different and others may have success with other products but this probiotic worked for me. Probiatics are wonderful! Report
My family and I started taking BioGaia (probiotic) about a year ago and we have seen AWESOME results. I have IBS therefore I have a very sensitive stomach and I have always had to watch what I ate. BioGai has done wonders and I no longer need to take my prescription meds. I can eat spicy food and fruit without getting cramping and upset stomach. I can’t say enough about BioGaia. It has literally saved me from my embarrassing stomach troubles. I have also had less reflux since taking it.

We also give BioGaia to our 2 and 4 year old daughters and have seen a huge decrease in the amount of times that they get sick. It also works wonders if you have a baby with colic! We started out giving our kids the probiotic straws. They are great because the supplement is flavorless and inside the straw, you just stick the straw in whatever they are drinking and they don’t even realize they are taking anything. We are all on the chewable tablets now. They taste like lime and they are great.
I was finally able to find kefir in a store near us and am really enjoying it, esp. with fruit -- so far, I've had it with grapes, blueberries, bananas, pineapple, and peaches, and all are good.

TMI alert: I've had a 1/2 cup daily for the last month or so, and after an initial adjustment period, my stomach is now working like a clock. Report
As a few have mentioned - Pauldodo and Theslaw below - there are plenty of non-dairy alternatives. All the benefits of probiotics without the serious negatives of dairy products. Report
....and don't forget that we have a Sparkteam dedicated to promoting the active production and consumption of fermented foodstuffs, particularly kombucha, kefir, kraut, kimchi and many other fermented products and drinks.
Come to the Kombucha Kurious & Fond of Fermenting Sparkteam and join in the debate!

Paul Dale
KK&FF Team Leader. Report
Someone told me that the FDA gives approval after only an 8 week trial. Is this correct? If so, what about long term effects? Report
It seems strange to me that Becky sort of "advises" against using supplements and vitamins and gives a " warning" regarding that fact that they are not regulated by the FDA. Yet, she also advises that Aspartame is entirely healthy because it has been approved by the FDA. Vioxx and FenPhen were also approved by the FDA, so was Children's Tylenol and many THOUSANDS of other medicines and they have killed and injured many people. Report
What if you are lactose intolerant? Report
Also, when I make a cold macaroni salad I use low fat hidden valley ranch dressing with non fat plain yogurt. With fresh dill etc. it is too good. Report

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