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Probiotics: A Billion Good Bugs

Friendly Bacteria for Your Digestive System


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I am so glad to see that someone else mentioned GoodBelly! This is such a great product that more people need to know about! I back GoodBelly 100% and I have to have it regularly or I go nuts! It helps with digestion and keeps the doctor away. You can find coupons on my website along with other cool "cruelty free" products - just see my "shopping" page. Report
Nice article! Probiotics have been part of my diet for quite a while now. Report
Hi, Dunno if you're interested but we have a Kombucha sparkteam, you know!! We also discuss Kefir, Kimchi, Kraut and most other fermented products, both commercial and home made. Trawl our archives and join us- it's an addictive occupation so share with other addicts!

Kombucha Kurious
s_individual.asp?gid=35223 Report
This is an interesting article because Ive never given probiotics a chance--I must! Report
I'm a clinical scientist, so one of the many hats I wear is as a microbiologist. I LOVE BACTERIA. My word of advice: embrace your good bugs! Remember that if you're prescribed antibiotics, take the whole prescription - don't save any or stop taking them when you start to feel better. The bacteria you're trying to fight will develop ways to resist the antibiotics; so if you have to take the meds later, they may not work. Also, if you take antibiotics because you don't feel well and happen to have some left over, you risk killing the good bacteria. Good article :) Report
My friend introduced me to kefir about two months ago. We grow our own in semi-skimmed milk and my two daughters (11 and 13) and I mix the milk every morning with fresh fruit and fruit juice for a delicious smoothie. It has done us all good and is a delicious start to the day. Report
I had a liver transplant and live with a suppressed immune system. My doctor recommended yogurt and probiotics to keep my digestive tract healthy. It has helped me. I have yogurt at least every other day. Report
I will have to give it a try Report
I started eating Greek yogurt about 2 months ago and it has completely changed my digestive system for the better. I've been irregular for years and that has been remedied. According to the label, Greek yogurt contains more probiotics and I love the taste. I get the fat free or 2% with fruit. My sister's doctor prescribed her a probiotic in a pill form and she is having similar results, much more regular.

MCDMAN22, you probably post a lot of negative comments in an effort to troll, in this case you have no idea what you're talking about. Report
Thanks dbclarinet. I wasn't aware that sauerkraut and pickles were probiotic. Great tip. I'll post a question on the message board asking how to make kombucha, as I can't ask here. Thanks again. Report
YES i just love the stuff, grew up in sweden where we have 'filmjolk" similar to Kefir here i love it without the fruit flavors.
another good one is chobani yogurt (fatfree0 yummy
try it. it comes with or without fruit. Report
"To fill voids in the personal lives of pre and post menopausal women we have manufactured unreal maladies such as fibromyalgia"

MCDMAN22 - so that's why my male partner has fibro, is it, because I have a huge void in my life? Fibro is real, is incredibly painful for my partner, so much so he has to take opiate pain killers. And they were playing havoc with his digestive system (amongst other symptoms). Since we started making our own yogurt, which is packed with live cultures, his digestive health is much better, relieving at least some of his daily distress. He doesn't want to be ill, I don't want him to be ill, and perhaps you should walk a mile in his shoes before you call fibro "unreal". Report
I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis 4 weeks ago. As of Sunday, it still wasn't in control. On Tuesday, my doctor told me to add a probiotic to the prescription meds. Each day I have gotten increasingly better. I did my research on these and read what a lot of people have had to say. All I can say is that for me, they work. Report
Just like to add that although there may be many scams out there, probiotics are starting to get some great clinical results in human studies The science around probiotics is amazing. Research on probiotics can now be found the best, most respected scientific journals found in the world. That being said, not all probiotics are the same...you need to look to dose ( greater than1billion probiotic count per serving recommended) and documented strains Report
Probiotics can now be found, at clinically relevent levels. Look for Goodbelly juice or Naked juice - both are probiotic juices without dairy. attune just launched a very great chocolate bar, granola bars and trail mix! Report

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