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Fantastic Frozen Dinners

Go from Diet Disaster to Diet-Friendly!


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Processed food.... NO! Report
I would love TV dinners because I'm disabled and it's hard for me to cook but my goodness they have so much sodium and I'm on a low sodium diet it's very hard if you're on that diet to eat frozen meals I sure wish I could find some that we like under 500 that were filling. I did enjoy this article though! Report
thanks Report
This article got lots of Sparkers to go off on a tangent. If the information works for you fine, use it & if not get your points & move on to something else. Becky clearly is providing guidance for those who choose to use these in moderation. Don't you folks read or do you just rush thru to get points?

I eat hardly any frozen meals but sometimes bought a couple as backup for work. Most times I'd cook & save leftovers for lunch or eat out & bring some home. However as stated there are times when you're helping a sick or dying friend/relative & don't have time or energy to cook. Or maybe you forgot to take something out for dinner. Both hubby & I have had surgery & frozen meals from the grocery outlet came in handy. I often add extra green beans, grab a container of applesauce, & a soy yogurt. Variety is helpful & sometimes you want something different. I worked full time plus was a union steward & sat on negotiating teams. That meant weeks of 75-90 hrs away from home. I love cooking but when my back hurts & I'm brain dead not so much.
Now I'm retired & can cook & eat healthy. It will undo any damage done but frankly many of the tv dinners are not worse than what casual dining or fast food places serve. I don't advise it for all the time but they can be balanced & portion controlled. Not everyone has an issue w/ sodium, my BP can get too low. So TY SP for providing articles for all points of view. Report
Great article! Thanks for sharing! Report
thanks for sharing Report

Great Article! Thanks! Report
Great ideas! Report
So many choices, but so few that are healthy in all tracking ways. Report
I do a lot of frozen food and try to pick good ones but the salt is hard to get down same with canned soup Report
I try to keep a couple of healthy dinners in the freezer, just in case. Report
It is great when convenience and nutrition come together! Report
thank you Report
Thanks for the info. Report
Back in 2000, when I was in graduate school, I broke my ankle ice-skating. I lived alone, and trying to cook for myself -- let alone balance plates of food from stove to table while hobbling on crutches -- seemed unfeasible. I relied heavily on those Healthy Choice meals till my ankle healed. Between the tiny portions and my having to travel around town on crutches (can't drive a stick shift with a broken leg), I actually LOST 10 lbs. while convalescing. Report

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