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What is ''Normal Eating''? --Part 1

Test Your Knowledge with the Normal Eating Quiz


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thanks Report
Great article Report
Good informaation. Report
thank you Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Typically, your multi-part articles contain links to the other parts. I've searched in vain for part two but can't find a link here. Is that because I'm on my phone? Report
Enlightening. Report
I do think that this was an excellent article. I have read many of the comments and I tend to have the same approach as New1964. If you follow a balanced approach-- some people call it the "80/20" rule where you are eating "healthfully" most of the time and allow yourself to moderately indulge just some of the time, then you will have a "normal" relationship with food. There IS such a thing as "eating for the soul" and there is NOTHING wrong with that! Life is much too short to not "live a little"!
I also particularly liked the statement in the article that if you have gone over your calorie allotment for the day, that is "just a small bump in a very long road". That statement really spoke to me.
So, be kind and gentle with yourselves fellow sparkers! If an eating style feels harsh and like a punishment to you, then it will never serve you well. Report
Good summary. Report
All in moderation. Good quz Report
Great exercise, this quiz Report
thanks Report
Americans are so out of wack with eating Report

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