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The Hunt for Hidden Sugar


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New on labels is "added sugar" this is being phased in, so soon it will be on all labels.
This is a "win" for those that are watching for add sugar and not the sugar that is naturally in a lot of foods. Report
Wow! These add up quickly! Report
thank you Report
Best to avoid sweet drinks and stick to water, too much sugar in so many items. Report
Scary! Thank you! Report
To imagine I used to drink at least two Pepsis a day, no wonder my diabetes kicked in. Report
Thanks Report
I read labels and it surprising what sugar is added to. Report
Thanks Report
Being a diabetic, I am always on the look out. Report
Good article ... eye opening on how much sugar is in some foods. Report
Thanks for sharing this information. Report
thank you Report
Condiments and Sauces; my only concern. Report
No one dieting needs 10% of their calories to come from added sugars! Report

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