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Eating with Hypothyroidism

Manage Symptoms with Diet and Exercise


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I feel like this would be helpful for anyone really Report
Important information. Report
WOW...very good read...thanks! Report
Thanks but wish that you also did the other one hyperthyroidism too Report
Thanks for a very informative article. Having hypothyroidism does indeed make weight loss much more difficult. I used to be able to lose 5 pounds easily, but not now. If I can feel good and be active, then I'm ok with not being the weight I used to be. Report
Helpful hints. Thanks Report
Good article. Report
I believe these guidelines would be great for EVERYONE, especially people with chronic illnesses or during recovery (from anything) and beyond. Thank you! Report
Thanks for the info joined the team and I look forward to educating myself. Report
I was diagnosed in 1973, A good review. Over time you can forget a lot. Report
Great article and great reading the stories people sharing that match my own. my numbers are in the "normal range" now but, it is such a struggle to lose weight and not feel down on oneself Uhg.. Report
Thanks for the information, Report
Thanks, great info! Report
They are now saying don't drink coffee for at least 30 min after taking your medication. No soy, limit the gluten and cooked cruciferous vegetables. Jeez Report
Thank you for this very informative article. Report

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